Single Review – Outlawed by Gabe Hascall (2020) (ATH Records)

Gabe Hascall

This is the solo project of Austin (TX) resident,  Gabe Hascall who post thirty-somethings may well know from his time with The Impossibles and the coolest of post thirty- somethings will definitely know from his brief time with Rory Phillips, in the one (brilliant) album act, Slowreader.

In Outlawed (the first flyer single from his forthcoming Thousands of Thorns album, due out in April 2020 – see below), Hascall has lost Rory Phillips, but managed to retain the majority of the Slow Reader general aesthetic.

Coursing a teetering vocal delivery against a backdrop of brawny lo-fi jangle, Hascall manages to simultaneously juxtapose the emotionality of Bob Nana‘s solo act, The City on Film, to those precious indie-pop moments when Rocketship lose the overt weirdness and merely concentrate on being just a tad leftfield.

Ultimately, this sounds and feels like the return of Slow Reader and as such if the entire album is of a similar nature, expect it to garner Neutral Milk Hotel style cult worship in 1-15 years time !!! …you now have the opportunity take an earlier ride of the ‘very cool bus’ though!

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