EP Review – Nothing At All by Stoop Kid (2020) (Gazer Tapes)

StoopKid Pic

Janglepophub was indundated with absolutely three e-mails, when we included the Uhm Yeah Sure EP by the relatively unknown Stoop Kid (the solo act of Belgian, Jens Rubens) as high as number 4 in our to Best EP’s of 2019.

Now he is back and backed. Back with another superb Big Thief / Nap Eyes lo-fi laconic that manages to persuade battered jangled riffs into bombastic melodies  and backed by Gazer Tapes who are quite literally the world’s most in form cassette label of the last few years (Poppel / Tonsils releases for a start)!.

Done Deal (see below) represent the best of the Uhm Yeah Sure continuation with it’s omniprescent chunky jangled riffs, whereas Thought This Was The Uniform (also below) adds a hitherto unseen rocked out side to his aesthetic, which is matched in a sense of ‘his new’  by the introspection of the brilliant Welcome to Saptown.

Effectively Stoop Kid is back in a far more grandiose version. For some artists this sense of sudden ‘big’ can detract from the original feel of the music. With this artist though it merely serves to accentuate his undoubted talent.

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Label Links:  FacebookBandcampinstagram.com





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