Single Review – Michael is My Girlfriend by Massage (2020) (self released)


Massage do not exactly do themselves many favours from a promotional perspective, with a name that promises you all sorts of ‘google search affections’, from people who promise ‘pleasures’ that you’ve never actually heard of before. In fact,  amid this smorgasbord of delights, I cannot actually find any social media presence for them at all?

However, sometimes a band is confident enough in their own abilities to trust their music to force the word to spread. This was certainly the case with their 2018 ‘Oh Boy’ album that got all the right love from all the right blogs, such was was the beauty of it’s melodramatic jangle that transported those old enough, back to the nostalgia of all things Sarah Records.

Michael is My Girlfiriend  is much of the brilliant same, with perhaps the addition of  slightly more muscularity imbued via the fuzz/haze of early 90’s Heavenly stylistics that are juxtaposed with the crystalline jangled insistent dynamism of a modern day band like The Royal Ladscaping Society. Essentially it just feels that bit more driven than their previous works and provides the glorious impression of being simply ‘more Massage’.

This single is a forerunner to an album that is due out later in the year…it really cannot come quick enough for those in ‘the blog world know’.

Artist Links:  Bandcamp  Discogs




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