Fickle Finger #0012 (Glenn Donaldson / modern jangly guitar-pop…and other bits)


Helloand thanks for joining us for the latest FF…This time around the Fickle Finger of musical fate has been pointing solidly in the direction of the brilliance of a few of Glenn Donaldson wonderful acts and the prettier, janglier side, of modern guitar pop…as well as the usual ‘other bits’ that have been grabbing or re-acquainting themselves with my attention, in the past month or so…I Hope you enjoy! 

Listen to each track individually or all in one go on the Mixcloud link below:


The Glenn Donaldson Appreciation Society 

For approximately the last 20 years Glenn Donaldson has been involved with numerous freeform / alternative / fractious indie projects. Over the last few years though the projects that he has profound influence have beome incrteasingly more structured and definitely more jangly in their indie-pop aesthetic. 

For your undoubted listening pleasure, these are some of my favourite Donaldson tracks from the last few years.

  • The Reds, Pinks and Purples –  Marty As A Youth (2020) (from the self released I’m Sorry About Your Life (EP)  
  • The Skygreen LeopardsGarden Blue (2014) (from the Family Crimes album out of Woodsist)
  • The Love-Birds  –  Hit My Head (2018) (from the In The Lovers Corner album out of Trouble In Mind)
  • The Telephone Numbers  –  I Took A Walk (2020) (from the self released I Took A Walk (EP) compilation)


Where the Fickle Finger has pointed recently:

For whatever reason, the Finger Fickle has been pointing at these acts / tracks over the last month or so.  There’s a couple of 2000’s acts that I got very re-acquainted with after the blog ran a feature on the best of 2000’s Jangle and the rest just struck me as all sorts of brilliant !

  • Perlin Noise  –  Strangers (2019) (from the self-released Lost Generation album)
  • Harrison Whitford  –  What’s Happening (2018) (from the What’s Happening single out of Screwdriver Records)
  • Water From Your Eyes  –  Somebody Else’s Song (2019) (From the Somebody Else’s Song album out of Exploding In Sound Records)
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah  –  The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth (2005) (from the self released Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album)
  • Real Estate  –  Beach Comber (2009) (From the Real Estate album out of Woodsist Records)
  • Melenas3 Segundos (2020) (From the forthcoming Dias Raros album – out on Trouble In Mind Records on 01 May 2020)
  • Kiwi Jr  –  Leslie (2020) (From the Football Money album out of Mint Records)


The Best of Modern (jangly) Guitar Pop

Lately I have been listening to a lot of melodic, stripped back, unpretentious guitar pop. Primarily because a) I was working on a huge project that involved things like concentration and spreadsheets and as such background beauty rather than raucous attitude was needed and b) also because I was doing a lot of pre-release date listening to the new and indeed quite brilliant, Dropkick album, which inspired me to dig out similar sounds…here is a few of my more recent favourites from the genre.

  • The Late Pioneers  –  Rizzo’s Booze (2020) (From the The Late Pioneers compilation album out of our very own Subjangle label)
  • I Was A King  –  Bubble (2019) (From the Slow Century album out of Coastal Town Recordings)
  • The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness  – Nervous Man (2019) (From the Dead Calm album out of Pretty Olivia Records)
  • Peter JohnstonRVA  –  Call Me Ishmael (2019) (released as a digital single)
  • Those Pretty Wrongs  –  Ain’t Nobody But Me (2019) (From the Zed The Zulu album out of Burger Records)
  • DropkickI’m Over You Goodbye (2020) (from The Scenic Route album out of Bobo Integral)
  • The Dates  –  Any Other Nite (2019) (From the Ask Again Later album out of Burger Records)
  • HanemoonWhere The Cars Collide (2020) (From the Mammals album out of Jigsaw Records)
  • Teenage Fanclub  –  The Darkest Part of The Night (2016) (Form the Here album out of Merge Records)




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