Single Review – All the Things by Odd Hope (2020) (Slumberland Records)


Odd Hope is the recording moniker of Oakland, CA, solo artist, Tim Tinderholt. He is the latest act in the absolute wall to wall of cool, that Slumberland Records have chosen to be part of their 30 year anniversary singles series. Essentially, no better act really sums up the living breathing ‘successful despite themselves’ big indie heart of this brilliant label.

Courting the vivacious playfulness of British 80’s jangly indie-pop luminaries such as The Swell Maps / Television Personalities but refusing to become swamped in the pastiche of the same deadpan vocal delivery. Tinderholt produces effervescent jangle with the same gregarious, melodic ‘old school retro equipment feel’ that Martin Newell / The Cleaner From Venus exude.

All The Things is a track that is hard to get out of your head after a few listens and we can only hope, that when this inevitably beautiful little slab of vinyl finally hits our cyber store of choice in mid-April, that the b-side is just as memorable.

Artist Links:  Bandcamp

Label Links:

slumberlandrecords.comdiscogs.comBandcampFacebook, Twitter






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