Beat The Delete #0045 (Weekly new music recommendations)


Welcome to this weeks new music recommendations. If you have supported any of your favourite indie artists in the last month or so with a few shekels or the bag loads of social media love that helps to spread the word, then well done you! …alternatively if you are snooping about on Spotify without the above engagement, please consider changing your ways!


Summerooms (feat. Preslea Elliott)

Track: Lindsey Whatsherface  From: Lindsey Whatsherface (single) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 01 May 2020

Any long time readers of my blog will know of my admiration for Josh Jackson and his Make Sure act. Summerooms is classed by the man himself as his side project, but to his fans, is just as essential as the ‘main party’.

This is the second single in 2020 where he has teamed up with a female singer and it is something I hope he continues as it adds a brilliant slant to his nonchalant / realistic take on break up songs.


Store Front 

Track: Fugirlzi From: Task EP (ep) Label:  Self released Out: Now

The jangliest, most glistening (post-) post-punk that we have heard since the late 80’s. Think mid-period Pains of Being Pure At Heart with that little bit extra sense of glorious luscious and you will just about be in the right ballpark.


The Wild Kindness

Track: You’re The Only One From: Faulty (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 01 May 2020

Great to see one of Janglepophub’s favourite ‘potentials’ back recording a new album, after the brilliance of their 2018 ‘Happy Now album’…’You’re The Only One’ is their second single off the forthcoming album and more than enough justification to assume that they will make a mockery out of the ‘difficult sophomore’ adage.


Midnight Social

Track: Get Down From: Midnight Social (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Forster, New South Wales (Australia) 4 piece, who evoke memories of the very best of the grumbling jangle of the early 90’s Triple J scene.


Hybrid Kid

Track: Dropped From: The Minor Escapes (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Brighton (UK) based three-piece providing an album full of crunching guitars and isolated Talking Heads style jangled riffs. A must for those who like their jangle coursed with a leftfield essence.


The Tarantulips

Track: Gush From: Gush (EP) Label:  Single Out: Now

Jersey (British Isles) three piece, coursing jangling riffs behind Deal-esque chunky basslines. This is the female fronted, sweetest side of the Pixies… The side they never got around to.


The Electric Lovehandles

Track: Guess I Did It Again From: Back From The Dead EP (EP) Label:  Single Out: Now

Manchester based three piece who steam headlong into the Medway Scene style of battered power-pop / garage rock. The whole EP grabs the word ‘dynamic’ by the boy bits, shakes it about a bit and forces it to expel yet more energy.


Dead Stars

Track: Dreams Don’t Come True From: Never Not Here (album) Label:  Weird Tree Records Out: Album Out Now

Brooklyn (New York) fights Melbourne (Australia) to be called the home of modern jangle these days, but not many of its jangly habitants go the fuzzy, melodic, almost semi-grunge route like the Dead Stars. It’s jangle rock at it’s best


Devin World

Track: Blue Jeans From: Truth and Beauty (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Blue Jeans is swirling, stripped down dream-pop, that attaches itself to the most beautiful of jangled riffs. A truly majestic EP full of weirdy dream-pop gems.

Devin World is the moniker for the solo project of the truly talented, Baton Rouge Louisiana based, Vincent Medina, who is infinitely worth a click on every follow button you can find.



Track: Nowhere From: Nowhere (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Solo project of Bognor Regis (UK) based Caitlin Brown, who produces bedroom-pop in the manner of Clairo, just more sparse, more beautiful and with a stunning voice.


The Legends (feat: Tan Cologne)

Track: Fascinating From: Truth and Beauty (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Swedish jangly indie-pop legend Johan Angergård (involvement with indie-pop legends such as Cub and The Acid House Kings) prepares for his forthcoming 7th album by releasing this unbridled jangly dream-pop banger, aided by the atmospherics of American outfit Tan Cologne.



Are We Hunting

Track: Sort of Like Me From: Break in the Sun (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Californian three piece providing slow burning, Bon Iver / Silver Jews style burnished indie folk with the added brilliance of truly great jangled melodies.





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