Single Review – I Wanna Dance A Lot (feat: Tuffence Meringue) by Nick Griffith

I Wanna Dance A Lot, is the third single from Sydney based Nick Griffith’s (you may know him from his tenure with Big White) forthcoming album 7am album, which is due out on 20 March 2020 via Dinosaur City Records.

Essentially the track is a quirk-fest of note. Not in the ridiculous sense of the word, but in the manner of the homemade, lo-fi, abstract indie-pop that made the likes of the Television Personalities and the Kings of Convenience such brilliant variants.

Gliding Griffith’s made for indie, decidedly disinterested, half dead pan vocals just about over fluttering jangled riffs and the earliest of 80’s synths, the track reaches a crescendo of cool as Tuffence Meringue (the irresistable moniker of Body Type‘s, Sophie McComish) joins him with her Vaselines / Francis McKee endearingly off-kilter renditions.

The sum of all the parts of I Wanna Dance A Lot (see below) feels like the springboard for where the whole C86 movement…just that beguiling and inimitable essence of ‘just weird enough’.

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