Beat The Delete #0046 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all – thanks for visiting this weeks new music recommendations. Remember to support those acts you enjoy with a few of your hard earned shekels and/or lots of media love…let’s keep them with us for as long as possible by giving them our support.


Brooke Henzell

Track: Abbey Park From: Abbey Park (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Australian born New Yorker Brooke Henzell, appears to have dropped her mid 2010’s singer songwriter core aesthetic and moved towards a Soccer Mommy stylistic upon which she adds vocal sweetness and glorious retro jangled riffs.There will be absolutely no need to change from this brilliance…ever.



Track: Days From: Movement (EP) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

It’s 2nd time in a couple of months that this Brighton based four-piece have been featured on BTD…with an imminent EP out soon and a UK / Spanish tour also lined up, things are really beginning to move for this brilliant dream-rock act! 


The Memories

Track: Second Time From: Pickles and Pies (album) Label:  Axis Mundi Records / Gnar Tapes Out: Now

Its 10 years since LA most jangly/melodic stoner band first gave us aural pleasure. They have never sounded more beautiful than in this initial single from their forthcoming Pickles and Pies album.


Mr. Hymn

Track: Saturday Is Gone From: Saturday Is Gone (single) Label:  Glad School Music Out: Now

Mr. Hymn is the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Sena of Austin, Texas, who provides beautifully laconic Kurt Vile style, jangly indie folk that is inflected with almost reluctant sunshine.


Evening Glass

Track: Lifeong Dream From: Lifelong Dream (single) Label:  Crazy, Ha! Out: Now

With the lo-fi bounce of a Parker Longbough type act, Evening Glass, led by Zachary Carroll, have the sort of dynamism that unexpectedly buries itself deep within the  coolest recesses of the ear-worm territories of your mind.


Seeking Madras

Track: Beach Division From: Beach Division (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

We made the Seeking Madras ‘Bike Ride’ album one of our ‘Best Of’s’ in 2018. Now they are back with a new single that has altogether more dreamy feel to it and an even great accentuation of their jangled essence, whilst still keeping their inimitable retro production equipment feel.



Track: Fishy From: Fishy (single) Label:  Rat King Records Out: Now

Been listening to this act a fair bit recently. There is always a contrast in their sound. Here they take the sludge ridden bass lines of the Jetstream Pony  and replace them with an altogether more fuzz-pop sweetness…well worth keeping an eye!


Van Houten

Track: Oh Mark (Demo) From: Moon (Demo) (single) Label:  Clue Records Out: Now

Beaitiful hazy slacker-pop, wrapped in the most subtle of dreamy soundscapes, Van Houten’s ode to a mate in need is the best of ‘beer garden with friends’  typemusic.


Strange Pilgrim

Track: Salt & Seagulls From: Salt & Seagulls (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Another slow burner that oozes atmosphere and ambience that is delivered witl all manner of jangled textures. A truly majestic piece from Joshua Banhart and the remainder of this Oakland, California based act.


The Masterminds

Track: Flashback From: Flashback (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Latter era Miracle Legion meets the slightest of post-punk’s denser atmospheres, in a track that is incredibly difficult to remove from the inner cranium once you have played it a few times !!!


The Wild Blue

Track: Anonymous Future From: Desiderium (Album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

If The Masterminds (above) toy with the slightest semblance of post-punk, then The Wild Blue jump headlong into the very core of it’s aesthetic. Thankfully they have that wonderful early The Cure essence that can delivers foreboding wrapped in chiming jangled riffs.



Track: Cistern Chapel From: Cistern Chapel (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

I think I must have been going through a late 80’s jangly post-punk phase recently (in fact I know I have) which is reflected in my selections this week. Vancouver’s Aversions threaten to be among the best of the anxious, dark twisted jangle, Gang Of Four / The Pop Group type acts that are making a revival.


The Beachy Boys

Track: Righteously Sick From: Beach Sounds (single) Label:  Poop Stick Records Out: Now

This modern day slant on early 1960s Surf Rock will have your favourite drunk uncles at weddings and the coolest indie kids alike, these New Yorkers will get you dancing like good un’s.



Track: Mango Daydream From: Pasiflorez (album) Label:  Seld released Out: Now

Continuing in the slacker-pop persuasion, the very first song ever penned by this Byron Bay trio, delivers their glorious all day to do nothing vibe in reverb drenched pysch pop stylistics.. It’s hot out there…put the sunscreen on! 


Pale Sirens

Track: Sunspots (feat: Echo) From: Pasiflorez (album) Label:  Seld released Out: Now

It would not be BTD without a bit oif fuzz drenched jangle somewhere. Florida’s Julian Barbee provides it is glorious spades with his debut single under his Pale Sirens moniker…one to watch.



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