Single Review – Seeing Eye Dog by Happyness (2020) (Infinit Suds)

After the brilliance of their 2017, Write In, sophomore album, London duo Happyness, are well and truly back, having just released two flyer singles from their forthcoming Floatr album, in Vegetable and this, the quite stunning/epic, Seeing Eye Dog.

The track is somewhat different in style to the majority of what has gone before, although the sound was perhaps hinted at to a certain, less grandiose extent, in tracks such as Anytime and Bigger Glass Less Full from the above album.

The core aesthetic is now bedecked with layers of jangled fuzz-pop guitars that are given a huge sense of Carriers style epic, by enabling the various different guitar textures to rise and fall as the track develops. Essentially, this is over 7 minutes of guitar-gorgeous and imbues the sort of experimentation that flirts with the parameters of post-rock, but is ultimately just too beautiful, considered and ‘Grandaddy laconic’ to ever cross ‘that’ line.

If this single typifies the direction Happyness have generally gone on their third album we could be looking at 2020’s first classic.

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