Beat The Delete #0047 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all – thanks for visiting our weekly new music recommendations once more. Over the last few months this feature has made Tuesday by far our most populated readership day, as more and more look for new music.

If you happen to find what you are looking for, please remember to support your favourite acts in whatever way is possible to you. A bit of monetary love here and a bag load of social media love there, helps keep your favourite acts around for longer.


Chaotic Neutral Gang

Track: James From: Demonstration (album) Label:  self released Out: Album out now

Loving The Umbrella Puzzles dry twang of the guitar and the whole general Guided By Voices vibe. This is the best track from a simply stunning album.


Even As We Speak

Track: Forgiving From: Adelphi (single) Label:  Shelflife Records Out: Album out June 2020

The first single from the first album (and sophomore!) in 27 years, for ex-Sarah Records  Aussie indie-pop legends, Even As We Speak, continues with the same jangly brilliance and luscious Mary Wyer vocals….this album has the potential to head so many ‘best ofs’ at the end of the year.


The Velvoids

Track: Let It Breathe From: I Don’t Know (single) Label:  self released Out: Now

Imagine the fractious attitude of The Only Ones or The Gang Of Four and then wrap their sound up in sludgey psyche-rock and you have stumbled accross the brilliance of Athens ‘finest noise’, The Velvoids.


Juniper Ridge

Track: I Don’t Know From: I Don’t Know (single) Label:  self released Out: Now

The beauty of this track is that it teeters between the mania of Violent Femmes and the simplistic lo-fi dynamism of a Parker Longbough, yet all comes together to abide squarely on ‘truly original’ folk rock territory. Juniper Ridge (aka Garrett Bowers) is truly one to watch.


Austin Bullock

Track: Part Of Me From: Wasted 8 (album) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Guitar-pop, tinged with psyche and fuzz, whilst always being able to bounce out a tune wioth pop-rock melodies. Austin Bullock is just about the best new version of yesterday’s sound around right now.


галантерея (eng: Galantereya)

Track: закат (eng Zakat) From: 365 Dney V Godu (EP) Label:  Belka Records Out: Now

Presumably, Paris based label, Belka Records, do not speak the Belarussion native tongue of this act. However, this track bounces and jangles it’s way past mere trivialities like language barriers, to provide 3 minutes of superb modern jangle rock.


Air Devi

Track: No Clearances From: Swanning About (EP) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

This is my favourite track from an EP that visits multiple jangly reference points and makes it’s mark on all of them. Never heard of this Philadelphia based band before, but they have rapidly become my latest ‘fanboy obsession’ !



Track: Jesus, Julie Christie From: Bridey Murphy (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Ex Black Forest Fire man Jay Tonne juxtaposes the quieter moment of the Dinosaur Jr aesthetic and the 80 style jangly iflections of college rock mega-stars like R.E.M and Miracle Legion. It’s an disparate mix…but it works 


Peter Johnston RVA

Track: Downtown From: Downtown (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

This is the fourth single in the last year from this Richmond, Virginia based solo act, one of which we featured on our latest Fickle Finger 0012 playlist dedicated to jangly guitar-pop. Once more this teeters upon jangly guitar pop perfection. 

Not one to be flouting his brilliance all over social media, this artist merely lets his music do his talking.



Track: Surf King From: Surf King (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Coursing the jangled clarity of a Hoops style act, through the melodic laconic of No Vacation, Ackerman is act for those that insist on their jangle being surrounded by overt beauty.


El Rocko

Track: Promises From: Promises / Going for a Walk (single) Label:  Yellow Racket Records Out: Now

El Rocko is the moniker of Chatanooga based Chase Waller, who manages to create jangled soundscapes that remind me of the intesity and beauty of Harrison Whitford‘s quieter moments. This is a truly stunning track.



Track: Happy From: Happy (single) Label:  Sonic Cathedral Out: Now

Reverb drenched Bunnymen style grandiose meets early The Cure’s dense jangle. Hull’s finest have not stagnated in one genre on any of its releases so far and this, shows them at their eclectic best.



Track: All American Lie From: All American Lie (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Beautiful track in which this New Jersey based chanteuse goes a bit laconic and lo-fi as she courses her forever beautiful vocals through some wondefully fragile jangled riffs. This track, in my humble, but obviously very correct opinion, is truly her magna opus moment.



Track: Not Asking From: Not Asking (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Imagine Mazzy Starr with that bit of extra malevolence and energy, all wrapped around isolated jangled riffs and you are just about in the right ball park as the  Rincs sound…somehow this just keeps drawing my cursor back to a click.


Unwed Sailor

Track: Camino Reel From: Look Alive (album) Label:  Self Released Out: Album out June 2020

Prog rock that ticks off grumbling Jetstream Pony fuzzy bass lines and Dirty Three melodies alike…It’s that prog listen you can tell your friends about without fear of embarrassment! 


Mayflower Madame

Track: Swallow From: Prepared For A Nightmare (album) Label:  Only Lovers Records Out: Now

This week’s quest to find the best of jangly ‘post-punk foreboding’ comes courtesy of Norway’s Mayflower Madame, who marry the darkest of surf (Goth) Rock jangled sensibilities to lusicious ‘Bunnymen’ theatrics. 


Good Dog Nigel

Track: Strawberries From: Strawberries (Single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

There is something for everyone in this track as long as that everyone can embrace a bit of leftfield. For those that can, there is going to be a lot of uncontrollable foot-tapping and head nodding from power-pop / alt-pop / Americana fans.




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