EP Review – Popping Candy by Dayflower (2020) (self released)

I first happened upon Dayflower last year when Cloudberry released their simply sublime Sweet Georgia Gazes single on 7″ vinyl. It was a grandiose statement of swirling noise pop, that hammered home the bombast with gregarious chiming jangle.

With the obvious exception of Lips So Dry which will appease fans of the above ‘larger sound’, Popping Candy is an altogether more fragile, although no less brilliant affair.

Now we are treated to tracks like the wonderful Twirlpro and Alive (see both below) that maintain their signature noise pop replete with distortion, reverb and lo-fi beats, however, the sound is no longer flooded with these musical commodities, but merely strongly suggested.

As such the strangely beguiling beauty of the idosyncratic vocals (think Ariel Pink meets Alec Oundsworth) and the jangling melodies that were always omnipresent in their sound, are given new life as the noise/gaze stylistics are welcomed to join a more Sarah Records, indie-pop stylistic.

Everything Dayflower have released has always been wonderful, however the general sense of ‘less’ on this album, definitely makes the listening experience very much ‘more’.

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