Beat The Delete #0048 (weekly new music recommendations)


Well, shits just got real for me, as the South African President has just announced a three week lockdown starting 26.02.20 (if the UK farts, South Africa apologizes for the smell!)…the bad thing is the effect on the economy/jobs and of course watching my fellow mankind act like red arsed baboons in order to get the last set of toilet rolls…the good thing? …We get to listen to more music like this wonderful selection of new music.

Please remember, if you like any of these acts (or indeed any other indie acts), NOW is the time to celebrate them by chucking them a few shekels for their music or a bag load of social media love…With gig revenue gone, lets do our bit to assist. PLEASE !!!


The Silent Boys

Track: Last Time From: Last Time (single) Label:  Self Released  Out: now

Three decades in and it is an testament to the longevity and brilliance of this band, that I am actually debating whether this is their best track yet? Certainly one of their best from a jangly melodies perspective:

Lyrics like this also sum up today’s times…

“Comes a time with everything when we get left behind.
Moving through with some sanity-
Try to hold on to our minds”


Lost Film

Track: Confess From: Between Melting and Freezing (EP) Label:  Self Released  Out: Album out 04.04.20

Long time readers of Janglepophub will know of my love for the 2019 ‘Zero Summer’ album, even making it my best album of 2019…now they are about to release again and I can feel the whole obsession thing building up again! 



Track: It’s Lonely in Doggy Hell From: Plastic Western (album) Label:  Lauren Records  Out: Album out 08.05.20

Pittsburgh based Same are all latter year Wire, with a smattering of Devo weirdness and piercing, isolated, chiming riffs that dig deep into your psyche. This flyer single promises much of the forthcoming album.



Track: The Leper From: 5 For Nacho (single) Label:  Howlin Banana Records  Out: EP out 15.05.20

Fuzzed up jangly garage rock, with the bearest hint of Weezer brattiness…another typically vibrant release from a Howlin Banana label that has long since been among my favourites.



Track: Saditsfiction From: Pet Peeves (single) Label:  Self released Out: EP out 15.05.20

I think the band’s promo line sums the sound up brilliantly

2nd single off Drens debut EP ‚Pet Peeves‘. Imagine Beach Boys & The Murlocs meet at a Idles show, back in the 20th century – saditsfiction


Free Ice Cream

Track: Holland 1986  From: Holland 1986 // Often (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Lovely little sub 2 minute jangly indie pop. This Jeanines style vignette acts as a huge sign of potentioal for this brand new act. The more intense ‘Often’ b-side is it’s complete antithesis with it’s gradually developing intensity, but no less essential.


The Vumms

Track: Count The Roses From: Count The Roses (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Ohio based act that is one of the few that can genuinely be assigned the ‘original’ tag, mixing the baggy tight riffs of a The Stone Roses type act with the doleful downplay of Flying Nun style jangle. Great track/album.


Easy Sleeper

Track: 3:45 From: 3:45(single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

LA’s (originally from Washington DC) answer to the muted, laconic, Dunedin stylings of a  Go Get Mum type act. For a debut this is the perfect signal ofgenuin  potential.


The Hector Collectors

Track: Podcast  From: Do the “Ad Hominem” with the Hector Collectors! (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Imagine professional Glaswegians like The Just Joans doing The Divine Comedy…all jangly indie-pop and the best of sardonic irreverent relevance! This is is an EP that will tickle your jangle and funny bone in equal measures.


Any Joy

Track: Rush  From: Rush (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Five minutes of swirling indie rock which just about jangles itself into dream-pop territory with the development of it’s beatiful textures and arrangements. This Brighton based 5-piece genuinely know how to create a stunning ambience.


Bed Scene

Track: Scorpion  From:  Scorpion (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Scorpion has that lovely indie-pop meets ambience feel that was so sublimely conveyed by The Magnetic Fields. All grace and indie-pop minimalism.




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