EP Review – Swanning About by Air Devi (2020) (self released)

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Any sense of ‘accomplished’, especially when relating to a debut body of work like Air Devi’s Swanning About, can often be dismissed as decidedly un-indie by those who wish they made the rules about who gets entry into the ‘kingdom of cool’…it’s almost as if, only music addled with imperfections, attain automatic qualification for entrance.

As such, this Philadelphia based foursome may well be left knocking at the above door for quite some time, such is the unmitigated triumph of this debut.

Eclecticism is the keyword of this release, as it visits numerous jangly references with an aplomb that belies the tender experience of the act. Tracks such as Swanning About and Flaneuse could be considered as flirting with the whole jangly chill feel that floods my submissions mail on a daily basis, if it was not for the fact that it is just that bit too considered, too melodic and just too decidedly dynamic, to really be considered as part of such a generic.

Whilst genuine indie-pop and essences of power-pop is infused in the release, the best of the remainder of the EP sees tracks like the phenomenal No Clearances and Landlord (both below) slide fuzz-pop through a precious anglophile indie-pop filter to provide the sort of tracks that should, if the world was a just place, be able to kick down any barriers to entry to what is considered cool.

I cannot wait to see where this act goes next. Sometimes, when a band is plainly competent at all manner of genre’s they can continue to add more and more, until they eventually become a pastiche of music itself. However, I just get the feeling that this act are to ‘aware’ to hit that trap. PRESS THAT FOLLOW BUTTON NOW!

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