Beat The Delete #0049 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all…Thanks for visiting JPH again for our latesT weekly new music recommendations.

Well, I have been locked up for nearly a week now. I feel like I should be posting a vlog, showing me with a wistful, forlorn look on my face, informing the world ‘how I am getting on in isolation’ and posting video’s of my acoustic interpretation of ‘Slip Sliding Away’ on Facebook…just like many others feel compelled to do in this new lockdown society.

However, I am having a blast. Working from home (where no-one can march into my office demanding rubbish all day long, means I get so much more done), taking regular break to prove to the kids that I am unbeatable at ‘Battleships’ and most of all listening to bag loads of wonderful music like this lot.

Rememeer, if you like these bands and can possibly afford to give them a few shekels please do…if not social media is free!

See you next week…


Kev Sherry & Low Fruit

Track: Wasted Days From: Wasted Days (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Attic Lights frontman’s solo project mixes the slightest of Hanemoon fuzz-pop to the lucid laconic melodies of latter year The Lemonheads. 


Andy Cook

Track: Tried Pretty Hard From: Tried Pretty Hard (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Minneapolis based solo act, thriving on the leftfield vibe of an Austin Bullock type act mixed with that sense of ‘Bad Seeds’ foreboding….all wrapped up in a noise-rock aesthetic that flirts with fuzzy power-pop melodies, but deliberately never really delivers them in earnest.


Michael Dunstan

Track: Lay in the Sun From: In the Grand Scheme (album) Label:  Self released Out: now

Australian singer-songwriter, accentuating his sense of grand profound with jangled clarity. One for those who need intellect in their music.


Van Chamberlain

Track: Light Years From: Light Years (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Brothers Van and Jacob Chamberlain present a Brooklyn version of Real Estate that they marry to an extra sense of laconic that wafts slight Tame Impala strains through the general aesthetic. When jangle meets chill…


Bored at My Grandma’s 

Track: Skin From: Skin (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Debut from the solo project of Amber Strawbridge provides Poppongene dreamy jangle-gaze amid the laconic inflections of Soccer Mommy. An amazing debut.


Freedom Fry

Track: Tell Me It’ll Be Alright From: Songs From The West Coast (single) Label: Self released Out: Album out ‘later in the year’

3rd single from the forthcoming album of a French/American married duo, who sound like a mix between The Magic Numbers and The Beatles…but even more beautiful and infinitely more cool! 


R.E. Seraphin

Track: Today Will Be Kind From: Tiny Shapes (album) Label:  Paisley Shirts Records Out: now

Imagine a Pop Rock act like Super 8 getting in total touch with their fuzzy power-pop side and you will be in the right ball park for this R.E.Seraphin album, that is an aural ride from start to finish.


Eric Selby

Track: Patiently From: Patiently (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Third of four digital singles that Selby has released in 2020…this is literally the most beautiful, melodic fun you could possibly imagine with just an atmospheric guitar-pop ethos and three chords! 


Down Time

Track: Despite From: Hurts Being Alive (album) Label:  Self released  Out: now

Swathed in beautiful laconic melodies and lush arrangements, somehow the music of this Denver based 3-some just seems to resonate on the most emotional of levels.


Johnny & The Man Kids

Track: Hudson Bay From: Hudson Bay (single) Label:  Self Released  Out: now

Buffalo NY based four piece, who sound like The Shins with extra jangle…all mid 2000’s bombastic indie rock with extra melodies.


Occult X

Track: Be Mine From: Be Mine (single) Label:  Self Released  Out: now

Not much is known about this Nashville based act, other than he creates the most beautiful sounds out of the juxtaposition of jangle-gaze / dream-pop and Post-Punk..this appears to be his debut and as such I could not press the follow buttons fast enough!


Jacqueline Tucci

Track: Fear From: Fear (single) Label:  Self Released  Out: now

It may have been something of a brave move for this Ontario based songstress to drop her previous acoustic guitar sound for full band arrangements. However, this slack string jangle oozes feminine strength and attitude and proves the correct decision was made.



Track: Fear From: Fear (single) Label:  Garagia Surfaris  Out: now

The sweaty haze of early 60’s Surf Rock, filtered through a massive great grunge sock…truly an original sound from this Helsinki based four-piece.


Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus

Track: Goin Around From: Medusa & Mojo Split EP  (EP) Label:  Self re  Out: now

The Growlers style Surf Rock mixed with the whole Australian ‘The Babe Radio’ psyche feel. This Maryland based act do the familiar, with whole a new sense of originality.


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