Single Premiere – Middle of June by Summerooms (2020) (self released)

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Anyone who has been following this blog for any reasonable period of time, will know of my appreciation of all things Joshua Aubrey Jackson. Whether it be with his full band, Make Sure,  (which he classes as his ‘primary project’) or this, his Summerooms project, the man never fails to slide the most beautiful of subtle jangled melodies under the most pragmatic of relationship lyrics.

Jackson has been busy this year, releasing five digital singles under a Summerooms moniker which he dismisses on his Bandcamp bio as:

Summerooms is all the junk I record at home. pop music experimentation on a low budget.

Of course, one would have to consider this as somewhat profane, considering the sheer brilliance of his previous work (his 2017 album, Summerooms 2: When the Summer is Over, is revealed by some clever program on my media player as my third most listened to album in 2019 !) which is continued with similar aplomb on this Middle of June single, which we are proud to give the Janglepophub readership listeners a pre-album release listen to (album The Heat of Summer is out on 03.04.20).

This track is typical Jackson. Love lyrics with the ‘lorn’ firmly removed from the end of the word. Jackson always tells stories of ‘love’, ‘lost love’, ‘pretend-a-love’ and ‘wasn’t really love’ without any gushing pretence or emotive lyrical histrionics.

In a world where no-one can really fathom what makes ‘love’ tick and in which many are happy to wallow in either the glow or despair of it all, Jackson’s originality is that he is happy to explore the untold fact, that there is an obvious middle ground between these two polar opposites.

Such realism is always augmented by the subtle jangled guitar beauty that never really dwells upon anything other than an even keel tempo, thus effectively providing an accentuation of his knowing ‘elder brother’ stoicism about our most uncontrollable of emotions.

Middle of June (below) signals a high probability/potential that I am going to still be obsessing over his ‘The Heat of Summer’ album in a few years time…I do hope so !!! I’m ready!


Artist Links:  Instagram  Facebook (Make Sure)


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