Album Review – Monument by The Bell Streets (2020) (Popboomerang Records)

The Bell Streets

If you are a jangle-pop fan of a more advanced tenure, you will undoubtedly know of Josh Meadows from his time with The Sugargliders and The Steinbecks, who were two Aussie acts much celebrated among ‘our sort/.

As such it would be hard not to expect the sort of melodic jangled strains we know he is capable of. However, he is merely 50% of The Bell Streets and is joined by critically acclaimed adult/comtempo act/producer Nick Batterham, who seems to give Meadows the license to explore the limits of both his personal musicianship and that of their juxtaposition of styles.

Of course the overt slices of more traditional jangle-pop are, thankfully still present, with tracks such as Brooklyn and Crying Inside (see below), but they now are adorned with the benefits of maturity, rather than the quirks of youthful indie-pop.

Perhaps the natural juxtaposition of this Batterham/Meadows/Batterham production tryst is the unlikely birth of Fragile, Monument and The Way You Say (see below) as songs that ooze a laconic sense of jangle laced sophisti-pop, that seem content to make Meadows’ vocal style their natural home and provide some of the many highlights of the album.

The Bell Streets were always going to be an assured proposition considering the quality of both components, however, even I was surprised truly opulent this debut album is !

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