Single Review – Christian Neurosurgeon by RVG (2020) (Fire Records)

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After a three year hiatus since their critically lauded A Quality of Mercy debut album, RVG signal the forthcoming April 2020 release of their sophomore, Feral album, with two new tracks on their Christian Neurosurgeon single.

Perhaps the usage of the word ‘signal’ is just a tad trite when describing these two tracks ,as it simply does not do justice to the sense of glorious bombast that this act imbues into their jangly post-punk aesthetic.

Christian Neurosurgeon (see below) is a massive, grandiose track, that is simply made for front-woman Romy Vager’s glorious cinematic vocals, in much the same way as Echo and the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch was made to save the 80’s from big-hair. All massive, all perfect croon, all emotive tremble, this sound is also indicative of  Alexandra which was released in 2019, but is also included as part of this flyer single / album on the Soundcloud release.

Undoubtedly, Vager’s vocals have that strange allure that oozes beauty and leftfield in equal measures and acts as the perfect foil for the chiming jangle that is twisted around her aura. This track shows her as the ultimate front woman…but then we already knew that.

I Used to Love You (see below), slows both the tempo and intensity down, but is definitely no less huge. Here, Vagner’s sound is punctuated by the pregnant pauses and vocal inflections that Grant Mclennan made so perfect. Of course Vager adds her own grandeur and largesse as that is her natural starting point, but overall the track enables the chiming jangle to compete for centre stage and foster a genuine sense of the strange . slightly melancholy, beautiful.

RVG are back…and the sense of essential intimated at in their debut is about to be realised !!!

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