Beat The Delete #0050 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all, thanks for joing us for this weeks new music recommendations. For some reasons it seems to be a bit jangly psych / singer-songwriter in oriented this week, which makes a bit of a refreshing change.

Remember,  if you like any of these acts, please consider supporting them in any way possible. A bit of money for their releases or lots of social media love will help keep them around longer and just cheer them up in their gig-less worlds!


Jetsream Pony

Track: It’s Fine From: Jetstream Pony (album) Label:  Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten / Shelflife Records Out: Album out 22.05,20

It’s over three years since Jetstream Pony first introduced themselves to the world and they have rapidly become everyone’s ‘fuzz darlings’ since…teaming up with the German Kleine Undergrund Schallplatten label, finally their self-titled full length is due out in May 2020 on vinyl and CD!


Fuckleberry Hinn

Track: Perfect Haircuts From: Perfect Haircuts (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Fuzzy, noise rock, which just enough jangled mutations to let the jangle-gaze take a tentative step into ‘special territory’. Only their second single, but already an act that justifies all ‘follow button’ clicks.


The Cry

Track: This Hazy Morning From: This Hazy Morning (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

The Cry released the critically acclaimed (and skateboarder acclaimed!) ‘Beautiful Reasons’ in the very early 90’s and then just disappeared. Re-forming in 2017 this is their 8th and arguably the best single they have released since then. 

Still coursing chiming jangle through crooning cinematic vocals, The Cry are just as good the second time around.


Monday Night Special

Track: Molly From: Molly (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Beautiful Alpine Subs style 50/60’s jangly melodies give that precious air of indie-pop modernity. A truly stunning track from this wonderful four-piece.


The English Rain

Track: My Town From: Echoes of You (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album release TBA

Luscious jangly sophisti/guitar pop tribute to Grant McLennan and indeed the city of Bisbane in general. A truly lovely debut that signals great things for the forthcoming album.


Carter Vail

Track: Guest Room From: Red Eyes (album) Label:  Self released Out: now

Debut full length from Nashville TN resident suggest the notion that indie-folk is always better when served jangle-laden. ‘Guest Room’ with it’s male/female harmonies is an absolute ear-worm of note.


Walter Etc

Track: White Lies From: Dark Comedy Performance Piece of My Life (album) Label:  Self released Out: now

Walter Etc is one of the finest purveyors of that sense of musical conflict that makes much of the best music, just that.

White Lies is the perfect example of how he flirts with Tame Impala / De Marco-isms, before shattering any such illusions with ill mannered crunching fuzz. A truly original aesthetic from this Ventura, California based act.


Aaron Parke

Track: Dandelion Tea (Corner Waiting) From: Dandelion Tea (Corner Waiting) (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Following on from Carter Vail (see above) Aaron Parke offers another slice of jangled singer songwriter indie-folk from a Nashville based artist.

This brilliant track attaches itself to a vibrant dominant riff and forces the readers attention throughout with it’s beautiful ambience.


Mirror Shot

Track: Taste Invader From: Taste Invader (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Taking the bombast out of The Strokes sound and adding to die for arrangements, this London based four-piece make guitar based music that is one step beyond gentle guitar-pop, yet always retains the genre’s melodic intent.


Skin Care

Track: Loveless From: Loveless (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Gothenburg based band that slides past genuine dream-pop into the sort of fuzzed up melodies of a Jetstream Pony type act. This is only their second single and both have been immense so far.



Morning Trips

Track: Follow The Blind From: Follow The Blind (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Alt. indie-pop at it’s most coolest. Loving the spindly, anxious jangled riffs that dance about like a scared toddler behind the insanely catchy synth/electro melodies.

I might be stretching the boundaries of jangle-pop in relation to this Fort Walton Beach , Florida four-piece…but their worth it!


Wrecked Beach

Track: Daydream From: Eye Tide (album)  Label:   Out: Album out 24.04.20

Canadian psyche-rock act that visit the weirder arrangements that the genre has to offer whilst simultaneously lacing delingful jangled riffs and chunky basslines to the mix. This track is a thrilling ride.


Space Dingus

Track: Masamune From: Masamune (single)  Label:   Out: Now

It’s seems ages ago since our Subjangle label released Space Dingus’ self titled debut album in Jan 2019.

Finally they are back with more of their inimitable hazy, sweat laden, jangle riddled, glorious psyche…I’ve run out of adjectives, so give this a listen and add some of your own! 


Plastic Birds

Track: Stuck Inside (My Mind) From: Stuck Inside My Head (single) Label:  Self released Out: now

Late 60’s psyche-pop that offers modernity through it’s traditional jangled riffs, rather than forcing the listener to extract ‘the sound’ from the inner recesses of a wizards armpit. Traditional psyche at it’s best.



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