EP Review – Bigger Picture by Beach Tape (2020) (Self released)

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In their Bandcamp bio, Brighton based 4-piece, Beach Tape, describe themselves simply as ‘slop’. They become more expansive in their Spotify bio, stretching the adjectives to ‘slop rock’. Whilst their limited propensity for verbosity somehow describes the simplicity of their aesthetic, it could be accused of masking their actual brilliance.

Essentially, this act have two modes of laconic fuzzed up sumptious. The opening two track salvo of Somewhere Better and Loose Ends (see below) drifts chiming jangle amid guitar thrum driven melodies, that hint at Broncho at their most robust and Together Pangea and their least intense. Equidistant between the two, Beach Tape claim this hinterland as very much their own.

The final two tracks of the EP, Think Like You (see below) and Somebody Like Hugh, accentuate the fuzz/noise that is omnipresent throughout the release, now making it the primary essence, rather than the delicious afterthought of the first two tracks. With the melodies still forcing there way through, the sound is swathed in perfect Hanemoon and Happyness stylistics.

This is a release that makes the concept of the modern day digital EP so rewarding. Four tracks that could have been singles in another era, given to the world/fans because they are simply too good to sit upon until an album is released…superb stuff!

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