Single Review – 7 Year Itch by The Halamays (2020) (self released)

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The Halamays are Patrick and Katie Watkins, a married couple from Columbus, Ohio, who tend to foist upon the world their inimitable brand of very sporadic (they have only released a few singles and two EP’s since 2011) indie-pop / art noise.

When they do release though they always make them count. 7 Year Itch (see below) sees them add to the retro keyboard indie-pop/twee that typifies much of their previous output, by lacing a jangly guitar essence and the sort of incessant Trying style fuzz-pop that courses through the modernity of much of todays indie-pop.

Jangle-fuzz suits them, although fans of the more conventional strains of arty twee/indie-pop have every reason to check out all of their back catalogue (see Bandcamp link below)…they will not regret it!

Artist links: Facebook Official Bandcamp

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