Beat The Delete #0051 (Weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all and thanks for joining us once more for our weekly new music recommendations….The whole COVID 19 thing has had a strange affect on music.

On the one hand, new releases appear to be down by over 60% as labels seem to be adopting a ‘release when people have money again’ attitude. However, on the other hand, there is bag loads of the more ‘non label’ experimental stuff hitting Bandcamp / Soundcloud etc, as solo acts / tech savvy bands, look to fill their time a bit and perhaps try and cover some lost gig monies.

It’s a strange time for the world and music is no different…however these acts have made my isolation better in the last few weeks. If you like any of these acts, please support them in any way you can.


Courts Voyage

Track: Call Me Up? From: Buddy Buddy Box Play (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Insanely catchy mixture of programmed beats, syntrhs and chiming jangle. Hook-tastic, this has the potential to be ‘that’ earworm that you just cannot shake…and don’t really want to.



Track: Forever Sunday From: Forever Sunday (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

French three-piece who mix Tennis Club jangle to a bombastic surfy vibe. One of those tracks that stifle COVID depression !


Glenlord Ghost

Track: Feel It Like I Do From: Intervening Time (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

18 months after the brilliant ‘Nice Dreams’ album, Jesse Houston and Noah Biasco are back, forcing the jangle back into the post-punk vibe, through the sidedoor placed in the very leftfield. Originality is their absolute forte.



Track: Share It From: Share It (single) Label:  Revolver Records Out: Now

Mixing LIPS style vocal textures to the prettier side of post-punk inflected dreamp-pop spectrum. Moscow’s Mashmellow ooze potential with their beautiful debut single.


Macs Daddy

Track: OCD From: OCD (single) Label:  Self releaseds Out: Now

Macs Daddy swaps his usual dance sounds for  lo-fi, insanely catchy jangle…it’s an seismic shift that suits !



Track: Belief From: Belief (single) Label:  Self releaseds Out: Now

Ukranian who describes himself in various bio’s as a ‘beatmaker’…when he laces it with precious isolated jangled riffs like this, he is so much more than that! 



Track: Same Old Times From: Movement (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Netherlands based CIEL, exude every sterotypical dream-pop reference point you could possibly think of.  However, far from being a pastiche of the genre, they have the ability to shape the most obvious dream-pop effects into something that supposes the Cocteau Twins, but remains so very CIEL.



Track: Båd From: Båd (EP) Label:  Self releaseds Out: Now

Beautiful instrumental, ambient, jangle from Danish based act. If your are the sort that easily finds beauty in the Sigur Ros sound, then this could well be for you.



Track: She From: She (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Jangle, drenched in reverb and distortion, is the default mode of this Gothenburg based four piece. This is only their second single, after their equally brilliant ‘Move On’ ,that was released in Sept 2019…jangly, fuzzy, noise-pop as it’s finest.



Track: Around From: Around (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Superb blend of Northern Portrait style, ‘made for indie-pop vocal stylistics’ and the Athens style jangle-pop of R.E.M etc. It’s a trip to the very heart of the 90’s, but a worthy one.


The Wild Kindness

Track: Bruised Fruit From: Faulty (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 01 May 2020

You never really know what clever ‘oooh look at me’ references points to compare The Wild Kindness too as they seem to go everywhere, very well, within each track.

This track starts somewhere near the Silver Jews and ends nearer the more melodic parts of Yo La Tengo…you know, smokey, burnished, Americana that squeezes jangled riffs through the quieter parts. Wonderful as always…


Cheap TV

Track: Piece Of Me From: Flowers of Hyde Park (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

For those of able to remember the early 90s, cast your mind back to the brilliance of the band, World of Twist. Here multi instrumentalist, Alexander Rossi, creates the same mixture of blissed out psyche and early Stone Roses baggy.



Track: The Other Side From: The Other Side (single) Label:  SellOut! Music Out: Now

Oslo based 4 piece, providing a wonderful sunshine and indie-pop essence to luscious 50/60’s harmonies.


Josa Barck

Track: The Future From: The Future (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Not many acts could pull off juxtaposing incidental jangled riffs, late 80’s Bowie vocals and ‘Naked’ era Talking Heads fraction…but Danish multi-instrumentalist Josa Barck makes it all so insanely catchy.


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