EP Review – Sunshine Pop EP 1 by The Yellow Melodies (2020) (self released)

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It’s 20+ years since The Yellow Melodies sidled onto the scene (they are just too sugar-coated to ever do the normal ‘burst’, upon any scene) with the sort of fey indie-pop / psyche-fuzz, that has become synonymous with everything that is so delightfully customary to the best of the Spanish indie-pop sound.

After last years wonderful collaboration with The Beautiful Music label saw them become the noisiest noise/fuzz popsters they had ever been (think twee-pop with the grunt of a newly found extra testicle), ‘Sunshine Pop…’ sees TYM return to a lack of decibels, remove any semblance of musical clutter and simply concentrate on what they are best at, i.e. playful pop in it’s most luscious and undiluted form.

As such we frontman Rafa Skam delivers songs with simple transluscent melodies, that whilst not really danceable, could at least have a whole room swaying and singing along with the wonder of the childlike enjoyment bestowed upon by the likes of the BMX Bandits, Autoescuela and Alpaca Sports. It’s that sort of cool. The sort that is reminiscent of the simple pleasures and nostalgia of yesteryear.…The sort that has never diminished, even as the band enters deep into it’s third decade.

Artist Links:  FacebookTwitter, yellowmelodies.com


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