EP Review – T’es Pas Un Amour by Origan (2020) (Melotron Recordings)

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Origan‘s marvellous T-es Pas Un Amour represent possibly the strangest, but in equal measures, the most beguiling and beautiful aesthetic I have heard for quite some time.

Ethereal without ever disapearing into the deepest mists of that particular indie swamp, ambient without ever threatening to be ingested by all things prog. this debut EP somehow manages to infuse elements of both with genuinely beautiful chiming/reverberated jangled riffs that are fragile enough to invite Sarah comparisons, but produced to within an inch of a jangle- gaze aesthetic.

Most importantly, it is the vocals of Chloé Barthod that not only act as a unifying foundation to the sound, but also imbues it with an ultimate sense of cool, with a retro twee nod to a Nah / Estella Rosa sweetness that is juxtaposed with that slight breathlessness, that indie-pop goddesses likes of Beth Arzy and Harriet Wheeler have bestowed upon world.

Ultimately, this EP/act, has the potential to be everyone’s surprise find of the year…lets hope that they continue in such a manner and become so much more than that.

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