Readers Choice Episode #0011 – Top 20 of 2010s Jangle-pop (feat 200+ playlist of all submissions)

The following are the top 20 tracks as decided by the readership engagement in relation to the 190+ submissions the Janglepophub readers proffered as their best of 2010’s jangle.

The Mixcloud play list is below, as well as links to the individual tracks…the full YouTube playlist of all 190+ tracks is at the botoom of the page…Many thanks to everyone who contributed !

  1.   Teenage Fanclub  –  Hold On (from the 2016 Here album out of Merge Records).

  2.   The Beths  –  Little Death (from the 2018 Future Me Hates Me album out of       Carpark Records).

  3.   The Roves  –  Hey Little Man (from the 2019 All Those Freaks album out of                 Meritorio Records).

  4.   Darren Hanlon  –  Buy Me Presents (from the 2010 I Will Love You At All      album  out of Flippin Yeah Industries).

  5.   Poppel  –  Conceived Ideas (from the 2017 Hit It album out of Gazer Tapes)

  6.   The Burning Ferns  –  Bullet Train (from the 2018 album Public Mono album    out of Country Mile Records)

  7.   Say Sue Me  –  But I Like You (from the 2018 When We Were Together album out of Damnably Records)

  8.  Boy Azooga  –  Jerry (from the 2018 (One) (Two) (Kung Fu!) album out of Heavenly)

  9.   Teenage Fanclub  –  The First Sight (from the 2016 album Here out of Merge   Records)

  10.  The Coral  –  Walking In The Winter (from the 2010 Butterfly House album out of Deltasonic Records)

  11.  Swimming Tapes  –  Easy Strand – (2018, self released single)

  12.  El Goodo  –  Information Overload (from the 2010 Coyote album out of Dell’Orso  Records)

  13.  Peaness  –  Oh George (from the 2017 Are You Sure? album out of Alcopop!  Records

  14.  Peter Bruntnell  –  Dinosaur (from the 2019 King of Madrid album out of Domestico Records)

  15. The Proper Ornaments  –  Back Pages (from the 2017 Foxhole album out of       Slumberland Records)

  16. Possible Humans  –  Lung of the City (from the 2019 Everybody Split album out of Hobbies Galore)

  17. Twen  –  Damsel (from the 2019 Awestruck album out of Frenchkiss Records)

  18. Veronica Falls  –  Falling Out (from the 2013 Waiting for Something to Happen album out of Bella Union)

  19. The Wild Swans  –  Falling To Bits (from the 2011 The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years album out of Occultation Recordings)

  20. The Delaplains  –  Gypsy Blood (from the 2013 self titled EP out of Manic         pop!  Records


Full playlist of all Submissions 





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