Beat The Delete #0052 – Weekly New Music Recommendations


It seems that bands and musicians are a bit more bored than the rest of us and are filling their time writing songs about ‘isolation’. This week I received 14,876,124 of them, a couple of which are below.

Mostly though, I am just trying to concentrate on ‘non isolation music’ (there are lots below) and try and keep a bit of a sense of normality about the blog. So if you have any songs about badgers, hairbands, the best type of fish fillets, carrots, elasticated waistbands. triplets (be they human or animal), socio pragmatic failure in eastern european athletes, retro modems, cups with hearts on them or cup design patterns in general…then please submit them, just not your 2411 isolation ones.

Finally, I am not going to bother to ask you to support any of the acts below that you may like fiscally as I usually do,  as most of us are facing (or will be) our own tribulations right now…but social media love is free and just as valuable, so give generously.

Hope you and yours are all safe and well and lets all listen to some lovely music together to reduce the feeling of isolation.


The Shop Window

Track: Mannequin Lies From: The State of Being Human (EP) Label:  Talking Shop Records Out: Album release date TBA

Although this retro post-post punk slice of jangle does nothing to shift the parameters of what has gone before, it never really needs to, when it portrays the stylistics of the best of early Creation Records / denser moments of the New Order arsenal so brilliantly.


Low Key Crush

Track: When You Were Leaving From: When You Were Leaving (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Melbourne based duo who forego the usual jangle-clatter that is so brilliantly indicative of their City’s scene, to create this perfect pop melody crafted from the most slow burning and beautiful of jangled fires.



Track: Summer In Love From: Summer in Love (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Four piece London based project led by the luxuriant, laconic vocals of Chi Limpiroj and whisked away to some far off warm clime (without COVID) on the strings of gorgeous, floating jangled riffs. Truly beautiful stuff! 


Death Hags

Track: OFF/ON (Don’t Give In To Fear) From: QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self​-​Isolation #6 compilation) Label: Burger Records Out: Now

With the melodic fuzz intentions of Jetstream Pony and the sweet vocal delivery of any number of the Sarah Records chanteuses of yesteryear, the Death Hags top the list of the many highlights on this ‘COVID Compilation’.


Pin Ups

Track: Lunar Lines From: Home Demos: Pt 1. Label: Self released Out: Now

Juxtaposing the echoed distance and de-personalisation of Joy Division / The Stone Roses to the jangly end of the psychedelic spectrum, this London/Norwich based three-piece create a sound that touches on post-punk, but is ultimately too vibrant to really settle there.



Track: Daffodil Hill From: Split (EP). Label: Self released Out: Now

Jangly guitar-rock with the sun-kissed rumble and melodies of a slacker infused Surf Curse type act. The sort of act you could easily idle away an afternoon drinking cold ones on a beach somewhere and consider it time perfectly spent.



Track: Oceans From: Oceans (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

There is a fine line between incorporating too much jangled beauty into a Shoegaze aestheic and juxtaposing too many melody shattering effects into the potential beauty…Brooklyn based TARA really do find the perfect mix.



Track: Wine & Roses From: Leave It All Behind (album) Label:  BIRTHDIY Out: Album out now

The Bandcamp bio of this Birmingham, UK based artist proclaims the status of ‘lo fi prince of darkness’. The actual sound though falls somewhere between this sense of foreboding and the jangled, lucid soundscapes of a Wake In June type act…another act  managing to foster a genuine sense of originality.


Varsity Dad

Track: Empty From:  Stadium (demos) (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Varsity Dad creates the jangled, chiming riffs of Foliage and then adds just the right quota of fuzz-pop to steer the track towards some grumbling grit. A great track.



Track: Empty From: Empty (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Lebanese act courses Mazzy Star hushed melancholy through hushed, slow burning jangled atmospheres, to create all manner of subtle, beautiful soundscapes.



Track: Hospital From: Hospital (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

New name/version of Something Better, Sleepover‘s Spotify bio describes them as ‘post-indie, post punk, garage, lofi freak-folk with psychedelic synth-pop leanings’, which is probably about right…the notable exception to the explanation is that they infuse their sound with the most beautifully haunting jangled riffs you could imagine!

Stray Owls

Track: Words From: Stray Owls Vs Time & Space (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 08.05.20

Fuzzy psych-rock that never forgets the need for melody or jangle…superb flyer single from a sophomore album that promises to deliver.



Track: Halfway From: Dendrons (album) Label:  Earth Libraries Out: Album out 24.04.20

Flyer single from the soon to be released self titled album. This is the best industrial rock jangle mix you have heard…it’s also probably the only industrial rock / jangle mix you have heard !!! …totally spellbinding in originality and dynamism.


The Legends / Pernilla Andersson

Track: Save Yourself From: Save Yourself (single) Label: Golden Islands Out: Now

This threatens to tread just that little bit too close to commercial territory. However, the spindly jangled riffs and beautiful dream-pop atmospheres / vocal delivery keeps it on an ultimately special trajectory.


Calamari For Lunch

Track: In The Lounge From: In The Lounge (single) Label:  (R)esisto Distribuzione Out: Now

Five piece Italian outfit that ooze menace and foreboding with their strange, but beguiling renditions of Alabama 3 doing Psyche rock.



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