Beat The Delete #0053 (weekly new music recommendations)


Finally the ‘isolation’ themed submissions seem to have either died down a bit or people have heeded my impassioned pleading, not to bother with such self-indulgent / depressing submissions !!! …Or perhaps (just perhaps) joy is returning to the world.

Anyway, a great selection of new music recommendations is below and shows that the music world is still finding a way and indeed the enthusiasm, to carry on…god bless ’em for that!


Mike Gale

Track: Kicking My Way To Malaise From: Sunshine For The Mountain God (Album) Label:  Baboo Records Out: Album out now

This artist is perhaps better known for the brilliance of his grumbling, fuzz laden lo-fi. However, most of his releases usually contain a couple of these absolutely inimitable guitar-pop moments. A highly recommended track from a brilliant album.


Maps Of

Track: A Foreign Place From: A Foreign Place (EP) Label:  Self Released Out: EP out now

In their Bandcamp bio, Maps Of  succinctly describe themselves as a ’90s band’. However, before you run to the hills shouting ‘shouty alt rock’, give the brilliant, layered melodic guitar work on this track a listen! 


Lady Legs

Track: Off Days From: Off Days (Album) Label:  Communicating Vessels Out: Album out now

This track threatens to dive head long into indie rock bombast. However, the fact that this feeling is merely a flirtation and not the final result, enables them to provide subtle jangled guitar lines, in the same manner as a slightly ‘surfier’ Parquet Courts type act. 

Jangle that washes over you like a luxurious bath.


Leon In The Wild

Track: Fade From: Fade (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Out now

Finally something lo-fi, jangly and ‘chill’, that does not really have one eye on the commercial / radio market…sun dappled, laconic textures, that will have you pining for those barbeque and beer moments of yore.


Wolf & Moon

Track: A Tape Called Live From: Follow The Signs (album) Label:  Self Released Out: Album TBA

German due Wolf and Moon continue upon their quest to provide the warmest, slightly hazy, jangly dream-folk, that has ever caressed your aural cavities.

BonFire Records · Wolf & Moon – A Tape Called Life


Become The Sky

Track: Written in the Stars From: Written In The Stars / Raindown (single) Label: Self Released Out: Out now

If ever Mazzy Starr had focused their efforts on becoming sensual dream-pop…this Liverpool based act estimates the sound they might have hoped to arrive at! 



Track: How From: How (single) Label: Self Released Out: Out now

Irish shoegaze band that allows chiming jangle and shimmering melodies to surface through the perfect ‘gaze’. A superb debut from one of those ‘must follow’ new acts.


No Suits in Miami

Track: What We Have From: What We Have (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Beautiful jangly indie-pop in the style of a slightly more gaze laden Aberdeen aesthetic. Fans of Sarah Records are going to be all over the sound of this Swedish four-piece.



Track: Golden Hour From: Golden Hour EP Label:  Self Released Out: EP out now

This kiwi dream-pop chanteusse stays the jangly side of Cocteau Twins style aural murkiness, to produce some of the most lucid dream-gaze around.


Brother Sports

Track: Mala From: Mala (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Radiating, muscular chiming jangle, with the textures of a DIIV type act, all wrapped up in a strain of darker, late 80’s post-punk style vocal machinations. Loud enough for those who like to be forced to listen…



Track: Dear Daylight From: Surprise Lights (EP) Label:  Self Released Out: EP out now

Insistent Boyracer style guitar thrum and spacious vibe, juxtaposed with a dreamy late 80’s post-punk forboding, is the default mode of this superb track.



Track: For The Girls From: Aeon Long Death Of This Untrodden Austral World  (EP) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Although not the general modus operandi of this EP, ‘For The Girls’ brilliantly mixes the fractured vocal delivery of Talking Heads, through the insistent leftfield strum of earliest era The Feelies…by the time the track goes ‘punk manic’ at the end, they have truly deserved such an indulgence.



Track: I Want it All (Life’s a bitch but so am I) (single) From: I Want it All (Life’s a bitch but so am I) (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Great to hear modern female vocals not hiding behind the purely pretty of indie/dream pop, or the obscurity of a vocoder.  This is Deal-esque alt.rock with a melodic, slightly fuzzy lilt to the vibe, that simply pulses class.


Television Blonde

Track: Creep Show From: Creep Show (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Television Blonde slide Tennis Club style, fuzzed up surf rock, behind Cave-esque vocal foreboding, to create an aesthetic that grabs your immediate and sustained attention.


Dash Hammerstein

Track: Great Big Family From:  Wild Apples (album) Label:  Self Released Out: Album out now

Brooklyn based singer songwriter who ignores the general jangly instinct of the area and forges ahead with bouncing countrified jangled, made ridiculously cool by his crooning vocals.


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