Single Review -This Is Not a Disco Pt. 2 by Trying (self released)

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Be gone, you fly by night Janglepophub readers (not really, please stay around, enjoy, follow and all that!), for only those who have followed us for a little while will know of our undiluted love for this Columbus based, four piece.

This Is Not a Disco Pt. 2 is Trying‘s first flyer single from their This Is Not A Disco album which they are releasing in early July 2020 and it just adds to the anticipation for what is likely to be one of ‘those’ albums that hover around the upper echelons of many a cool(er) blogs year end ‘best ofs’.

Sliding the the unusual commodity of Stuart Murdoch style, male vocal twee-istics (if that is not a word, it should be), through spindly jangled guitar riffs that are sharper than the vocals warrant, this track creates Trying’s trademark spurious melodies, using all the tricks, sense of leftfield and originality that they should be famed for. It’s all Belle and Sebastian pretty with a Rocketship heart.

If the musical gods have not caught some sort of virus, this single gives a good indication that this album and 2020 in general, could signal Trying‘s long overdue and well deserved breakthrough.

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