Single Review: You and I by Pale Lights (2020) (Slumberland Records)


During their 30 years as a label, Slumberland Records have always had at least one eye on anything that jangles.

However, in the last year or so this casual gaze, has become infused with a more steely eyed determination, as they have collaborated on releases with jangly luminaries such as The Springfields, East Village, Jeanines, Odd Hope and Business of Dreams. With such a jangle focused gaze it was never going to be too long before they teamed up with probably the current cream of the crop, Pale Lights.

The You and I (see below) A-side, presents something of a different nuance. Here deep layered basslines, provide a dominating, but never cardinal, backdrop that accentuates every wonderful note of Phil Sutton‘s ‘made for jangle’ vocals, whilst simultaneously providing an illuminating foundation for their ubiquitous jangled riffs.

B-side, Say You’ll Be The One (see below), initially reduces the tempo to an almost ballad  like tempo. This emphasizes Sutton’s glorious croon still further, before the introduction of an isolated jangled riff acts as a catalyst for the track to gradually develop in momentum and provide the listener with that wonderfully smooth and vibrant Pale Lights aesthetic that we have become so accustomed to.

The Pale Lights in my humble, but always correct opinion (can you do winky emoji’s on wordpress?), have been the best around for several years now and this single simply underlines the fact that they deserve Slumberland’s patronage in every possible way.

Grab a glorious slice of their limited edition 7″ vinyl at the Bandcamp links below, before some Herbert starts selling on discogs for eleventy squiliion $ on Discogs in a couple of years.

Artist Links:    BandcampFacebookTwitter

Label Links:   BandcampFacebook Twitter,






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