EP Review – Hasta el Fondo del Mar by Noble Trovador (2020) (Self released)


Superficially, it would be easy to dismiss this EP by Mexican act Noble Trovador. Heavily vocoded vocals, delivered without the metaphorical scaling of Trumps wall (in Spanish) and with the ‘whole one step beyond’ jangle-gaze thing going on, it might be easy for some to mentally tune out.

…Or at least it would be if every track did not contain the sort of insanely catchy jangled riff as it’s immediate offering, upon which various levels of exceptional are layered.

Pesando en Ti (see below) is the most musically refined of the three. Latching a dominant riff of Stephen’s Shore like jangled clarity to a slight sense of foreboding, the track excels both in terms of the modernity of the jangle-pop and the post-punk atmospheres of yesteryear.

As a vital part of the whole, the remaining two tracks are suffused with their own essential candour. Here Amor, Desilusión and it’s laconic, jangled riffs provide the EP’s genuine moments of beauty, whilst Sol​-​Soledad infuses the vibrant The Umbrella Puzzles style twanging guitars through an aesthetic that is the nearest the EP gets to inviting the listener to dance.

I know nothing about this artist and have to presume merely from the pictures it is a solo project. Even the Facebook page does not reveal any details about the man behind the act. Perhaps this air of mystery really is the sign of an act with the confidence to let his music do all the promo.,,and who could blame him, with this suprb debut?

Artist Links:  Facebook


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