Single Review – Monsoonal Runoff / People Want People Who Want People by Hooton Tennis Club (2020) (Self Released)

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If you discount their (and you really should not, as their Songs For Vonnegut EP is brilliant) offshoot Seatbelts, it’s been four years since Hooton Tennis Club released their simply superb Big Box of Chocolates album out of Heavenly Recordings.

Thankfully, the hiatus has not fundamentally changed their aesthetic and this single released on ‘world Bandcamp be nice day no revenue share day’ (01 May 2020) reminds us exactly why the world deserves more that just the two albums they have this far released.

Monsoonal Runoff (see below) is by far the janglier of two tracks that comprise the single. Flirting with the sort of smooth, lo-fi languidity of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci style indie-pop in the first half of the the track, it thereafter adds the sort of inimitable muscular chiming jangle, that has always made them so essential.

The other track, People Want People Who Want People’ starts off with a Hefner sparsity, that is reminiscent of Darren Hayman’s propensity for slow burning tracks that dance around strange song titles.

Of course HTC take this sound ‘somewhere else’, by suddenly submerging it in a comparatively ugly distorted riff. The track perhaps did not need to go in that direction such was it’s quality up until then,  but HTC’s knack of burying your expectations so that they can never be found, is one of the reasons why we love them.

The y are back as pretty and as musically passively aggressive as possible. Let’s hope COVID-19 buggers off quickly so that they can get some serious work done on an album.

Artist Links: Bandcamp  FacebookTwitter

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