Single Review – A Slow Dissolve by Apple Orchard (2020) (Self Released)

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I have a long relationship with the sheer brilliance of all things Ryan Marquez. It stretches back to the very early 2000’s with Sodajerk and has seen my devotion to acts like Golden Teardops and The Haircuts before culminating in the 2019 release of his self titled The Umbrella Puzzles EP (released on the Subjangle label associated to this blog).

Although they released the quite exceptional Our Secert World: Quarantine sessions, which are new, atypically janglier versions of four previously released tracks from the 2000’s on a recent Shiny Happy Records compilation, A Slow Dissolve (see below) represents the first new track that has been released by Apple Orchard in eight years.

It’s typical of their old sound and indeed what happens in general when Ryan teams up with his brother, Dale Marquez. Whereas as Ryan’s ‘non sibling’ guises tend to accentuate his ‘indie twang’ or jangly indie-pop, any union with his brother tends to bring out the more overt fuzz-pop stylistics. It’s as if they dare each other to produce more guitar testosterone.

This track add even further fuzz to the sound we last heard 8 years ago. More insistent than anything Elephant 6, gloriously grumpier than the current Jetsream Pony brilliance and yet still allowing the luscious, slightly gaze laden melodies of Slowdive / Luna to just about struggle to the surface, A Slow Dissolve just seems very much more Apple Orchard than they have ever been.

The Marquez brothers are back at their brilliant best…lets hope it something more than a lockdown re-union to fill the time!

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