Album Review – Join A Comp By Various Artists (2020) (fadeawayradiate Records)


There are currently eleventy-squillion releases attempting to raise money, for various causes, during this COVID 19 crisis. That in itself is noble and such efforts should be applauded.

Not quite so worthy of applause is the whole self wallowing thing that has led to titles flirting around ‘oh woe is me, for I am lonely’, ’tis so indignant to be besmirched with mask wearing’, ‘Enough sad…me’ and ‘Oh shit she’s got more toilet roll than me’.

Such self indulgence is perhaps just a tad trite, when there are health workers and food retail workers etc etc, who have got no choice but to be directly in the firing line of the virus and the grumbling, mumbling masses.

In typical fadeawayradiiate style, head lady Estella Rosa, gets things very right with this compilation. With the simple aim of bringing artists together and just ‘putting on a good show’, this 13 track album just grabs a few of her musician friends and gets their permission to use a ‘previous release’.

No begging bowl (it’s a free download / name your price), no tracks referencing all things ‘COVID bad’, (after all how many more tracks referencing isolation can the interweb accomodate) Estella just creates a typically classy compilation (after all anyone familiar with her label will know she is the ‘Queen of Compilations’) that feels like a community  gathering to promote great acts, rather than an expression of collective despair…just having a positive spin on the situation, immediately made me want to support it (the fact it is brilliant was a mere wonderful sideshow)!!!

My favourites are listed below, however, there are so many truly viable candidates.

If you still have any money during all this shit, then why not chuck a little bit of it towards this compilation. Failing that, some social media love for your favourite tracks would, I am sure, be welcomed by Estella and all the acts involved.

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