Beat The Delete #0059 (Weekly New Music Recommendations)


A day later than the usual Tuesday, because of ‘Music Blackout’ yesterday …here are the latest submissions I have received that have given me aural pleasure in the last week.

Remember, please support any of the acts you like with as much media love and music purchases as possible. Let’s continue to do our bit for the music industry.

Hoping you and your loved ones are staying safe. It will not be long before we all are on the other side…that’s if our political leaders don’t finish us off first !!!


Palm Ghosts

Track: Holy Crown From: Holy Crown (single) Label:  Ice Queen Records Out: Now

This act always purveys a sense of massive cinematic, in an aesthetic imbued with late 80’s croon and huge chiming riffs.


Van Houten

Track: Better Than This From: Better Than This (single) Label: Come Play With Me Out: Now

Part of a stunning series of singles from the Leeds based, Come Play With Me label. Van Houten pay a rare visit to subtle De Marco inflections, whilst still adding their omnipotent chiming jangle to proceedings.


Ryan Jantz

Track: Meg From: Meg (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Lo-fi bedroom pop, that enables hints of luscious melodies to seap through layers of fuzz. A special originality from this New Yorker.


Coast Red

Track: Yes Man From: Yes Man (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Slight surf rock excursions and 60’s power-pop melodies, course through the very core of this wonderfully vibrant sound. Music to surpress concerns to, from this Californian duo.


Pool House

Track: Let You Down (Again) From: Let You Down (Again) (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Third single in quick succession from German multi-instrumentalist Johannes Dimberger. We could not help featuring them all ! Beautiful jangled textures throughout.



Track: Don’t Wanna Talk (Again) From: Double Feature (single) Label:  Dollhouse Lighting Out:  Single out 19 June 2020.

New England based multi-instrumental, Tiffany Sammy, has plainly studied the art of jangle-pop…then largely ignored it, deconstructed it and re-engineered it in her own inimitable way.

A truly original vibe for fans of alt.jangle.


Absolutely Yours

Track: Fool For You From: Natural Wonder (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 26.06.20

Breathlessly sweet, Holy Now style vocals, juxtaposed to the most beautiful fragile jangly dream-pop. This is going to be an album worth checking out! 



Track: Flowers From: Flowers (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Slight fuzz, vibrant harmonies and jangly intent. Aussie jangly indie-pop at it’s best from this Sydney based act.



Track: 8 Million From: Disappearing Dreams of Yesterday (Album) Label:  Little Cloud Records Out: Album out now

This mixture of psyche inflected drone and early 90’s Ride, would not ordinarily be the ‘thing’ of our blog. However, this sound infuses the most beautiful of jangled riffs, throughout an absolutely epic track.


Jet Wash

Track: Latching From: Latching (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Twisting all manner of depressive melancholy twanged riffs, battered percussion and a musical persuasion that ingests bitterness and spits out beauty.


Cool Heat

Track: High Diving From: High Diving (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Foliage chiming jangle meets the pop sensibilities and rounded vocals of The Lightning Seeds. Eden Sierotnik takes you directly back to the best parts of the early 90’s.


Ryan Richardson

Track: This City (Sometimes) From: This City (Sometimes) (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

New Yorker who oozes Hanemoon fuzz and subdued melodies from every layered guitar texture known to man! 



Track: Forget What You Want From: Forget What You Want (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Third single this year from this Leeds based act, who are quite possibly the worlds first jangly, lo-fi, garage rock band. Genuine originality is not easily found these days…


New Luna

Track: New Luna From: New Luna (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Manchester based acting coursing subtle dream-pop and fuzzy jangled inflections, through an undercurrent of post-punk melancholy. 


Liza Anne

Track: Bummer Days From: Bad Vacation (album) Label:  Arts & Crafts Records Out: Album out 24.07.20

What Amanda Palmer might sound like if she was trying to be Palehound. All jangly indie glorious, from this Nashville anti-chanteuse.



Monkeypig (feat: The Songs)

Track: Poor Odysseus (Driftwood)  From: Poor Odysseus (Driftwood) (Single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

90’s indie guitar pop textures that occasionally drifts between genuine college rock jangle and the richness of The Bluetones Britpop. 


Bled Tape

Track: Get Speaker  From: B Side Compilation (Single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Chanting drone and lucid jangle juxtaposed, should not really work, but the solo project of Francis Shannon has a habit of coercing beauty out of the union of the most disparate of musical souls.



Track: La La From: La La (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Big Thief / Nap Eyes sense of laconic, which is then sent through the ‘slacker’ mincing machine and herbed with luscious jangle. One of the best jangly lo-fi singles this year, from this brand new L.A based act.



Track: Hodad From: Hodad (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Remember the big mid 90’s feminine strength of Republica and add an extra psyche-jangle quotient and you are in the right, extremely promising, musical ball park of this Italian act.


Sam Wright

Track: Where’d You Go From: Where’d You Go (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Palm Ghosts chiming jangle married to an indie-pop sweetness that appeals on many different levels.



Track: Don’t You Think Twice From: Don’t You Think Twice (single) Label:  Mother West Out: Now

Track written in 1998 and has all that wonderful minor key lo-fi brilliance going on. An Alejandro Montoya Marin is using his music in a forthcoming film and as such the artist has resurrected the project and intends to release an album in the summer.

motherwest · Ceramic – Don’t You Think Twice


The Double Happiness

Track: Coochiemudlo From: Coochiemudlo (single) Label:  4000 Records Out: Now

The lullaby The Shadows might have sung to any surf rock offspring. Spooky surf brilliance from this Brisbane based act.


Gold Star Gold Star

Track: Play It Cool From: Introducing​.​.​.​Gold Star Gold Star (single) Label:  Earth Libraries Out: Now

60’s melodies and harmonies that digress with assured regularity into startling twanging riffs. Another great find for Earth Libraries.

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