Single Premiere – Paint The Walls Yellow by Trying (2020) (Self Released)

Janglepophub are absolutely delighted and proud to present the single premiere of ‘Paint The Walls Yellow’ by Columbus, Ohio foursome, Trying (officially out tomorrow on Bandcamp and all other places that young people know about).
The track is the second flyer single from the forthcoming ‘This Is Not A Disco’ album (out 10th July 2020), which in turn is the final release of a deliberate trilogy that included the EP’s ‘I Just Can’t Feel The Rhythm’ (Dec 2019) and I Won’t Let Your Lose The Rhythm’ (July 2019). All of this sounds complicated and is a paragraph that certainly needs multiple breaths, but is perhaps typical of the subtle complexities of this single.
Once called the ‘American Belle and Sebastian’ (although that was only by me) the foundation for this single is the simplistic, trendiness and divergence of twee-pop, upon which they intermittently layer garish fuzzed out anti choruses/interruptions whenever the track threatens to encompass something that even approaches, traditional song structure.
The above is an aesthetic regularly employed by the great ‘Rocketship’ and one that can be sublimely cool when it works, but can equally drift headlong into the rapids of contrivance if the subtleties are not enforced.
Thankfully, Trying, are just one of those acts that ooze such natural coolness.
Artist Links:  Instagram  Facebook

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