Album Review – One Goes Forward by Seeking Madras (2020) (Self Released)

Album Review – Bike Ride by Seeking Madras (2018) (Self Released)

JPH became gushing purveyors of all sorts of lyrical wax, when Wilmington, N.Carolina four piece, Seeking Madras released their debut Bike album way back in June 2018 (see review here).

A lot can change in two years, but thankfully not much other than a shifted emphasis, differentiates the quality in both albums.

Initially, there is still the hazy aesthetic, that resides in the musical hinterland between psych-rock and pysch-pop, in tracks such as Differently Blue (see below),  Minutes and Mountains and Cross Sound Ferry.

The aesthetic is all that anyone who prefers their psyche on the jangly side and without the leftfield idiosyncracies of production that much of the genre insists upon infusing into their sound.

In fact the retro Joe Meek 60s production inflections of the debut appear to be seamlessly accentuated in this sophomore. This serves to augment and add vibrancy to the primary emphasis of the album, which is now the beautiful essence of The Clientele style chiming jangle.

Whereas the introduced this sound into a couple of notable tracks, this release sees the brilliance of tracks such as Beach Division, Two Of Us (see below), Green or Ground and Long Leaf Pines, become the absolute core of the sound.

This release confirms Seeking Madras as one of those superb acts that occasionally confirms the hours I spend trawling Bandcamp are totally worthwhile !

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