Album Review – Sideways to New Italy by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (2020) (Sub Pop Records)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Of course, I could write absolute shed loads about this brilliant sophomore album from Aussie jangle-rockers, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. However, perhaps the band have outgrown this type of blog and it is now time to hand over the promo baton to proper .com music journos who have a tendency to gush when bands get signed by a big label like Sub Pop Records.

They have been with Sub Pop for three years now but despite this, RBCF still remain as wordpress / blogspot as they were when Ivy League Records were releasing there early EP’s. Essentially it is still  a sound that just seems to lie firmly in the domain of the everyday man who just wants to listen to great music everyday. Few bands have this ability to breach the sold out accusations that so easily accompany a move to a major, however these Aussies still feel very much ‘ours’.

It is obvious the release stays completely faithful to the definitive sense of yesteryear charm that has the style and rugged dynamism of a blue collar rock act like The Hold Steady. Thankfully they also remain committed to imbuing potted jangle into any hook or melody that is allowed to force its way through the rock energy.

Perhaps, there is just that little bit more control and a few edges rounded off compared to all that has gone before. However, this feels like the consequence of a tight act becoming tighter, rather than the effect of ‘more studio from the label’ and the difference is subtle enough to AUGMENT the overall essence, rather than desalinate their natural grit.

Safe in the knowledge that this is an act that will always really be ‘ours’, I will leave the ‘big zines’ to get on with waxing lyrical about their ‘latest darlings’ and just leave you with my two favourite examples of the brilliance of Sideways To New Italy !!!

Artist Links:  rollingblackoutsband.comFacebook  Twitter

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