Album Review – Off Days by Lady Legs (2020) (Communicating Vessels)

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Off Days was released at the back end of April 2020. Usually a delayed review like this one would be explained by either a) having not heard the release or b) me, being me, just all useless and forgetting.

Not this time though. For this is an album that I heard almost immediately after release and enjoyed immediacy of a couple of the more bombastic tracks.  These were the spacious chiming RGV style riffs of Quit Bringing Me Down (see below) and The Strokes-ian spindly jangle that threads through Idle Hands.

The beauty of the remainder of the album  was only really surfaced after going through a protracted ‘infusion’ process. However, once this process was completed the album is revealed as the ultimate grower, that thrives on two primary levels.

Initially, psyche inflected tracks such as Patience, Run With Fade, Wasted Emotion and Off Days, are given the sort of slow burning heat that not only forces the words ‘hazy’ and ‘sun laden’ to cascade from the one finger keyboards of us amateur bloggers, but also keeps revealing extra layers of sound and melodies that us mere blog hacks do not have the ‘words’ to explain. It is just perfectly felt.

However, the best of the album is found in the stunning beauty of the slide-guitar pop of Learning From Myself (see below) and Thank You. Such tracks startle with the sheer vibrancy of their slow burning melodies and almost seem like the perfect conclusion to all that surrounds them.

Some albums eventually ‘let you get them’. I am so glad this one did!

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