Single Premiere – Under The Radar by Nah (2020) (Shelflife Records).


Janglepophub are absolutely delighted and all sorts of proud, to have been afforded the opportunity to premiere ‘Under The Radar’, the new single by Nah (see video below):

Nah state the origin of this single as follows:

Under The Radar champions the underrated band and the muso’s unquenchable thirst for undiscovered gems. It is about something that pop-nerds know all too well: suddenly you newly discover a old band, and wonder how is it possible that this band has been passing under your radar all these years? Even though you might think you’ve heard many a tune by many a band on any label of interest, you suddenly find yourself rummaging through back-catalogues of a musical universe you never knew existed.

The above not only serves as a synopsis of this singles’ origin, but also adroitly emphasiszes the very essence of the Nah aesthetic.

For their general sound and especially the sound of this single, is that of an almalgation of familiar indie coolness. From Sebastian Voss‘ crooning vocal irregularities to the hushed Sarah Records flirtations of Estella Rosa‘s essential backing sweetness, to the Rocketship playfulness and determined sense of jangly, indie-pop leftfield, Nah / Under The Radar is all at once the sound of so many recognizable yesterdays and yet thrives upon their unique and inimitable sense of modernity.

It is this sense of ‘difference’ that makes Nah stand out from the modern indie-pop crowd and has resulted in them being seen as ‘cool’ enough to sign for a Shelflife Records label, that in itself is famed for unearthing the best of the ‘different rest’. Essentially it is a marriage made in some sort of obtuse, musical heaven!

Under the Radar is the initial single from their forthcoming self titled album that is due out on Shelflife on 25.09.20. It could / should / would (in a just a musical world) be the break out release for this amazing German / Dutch duo.

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