The JanglePopHub Mix (ep: #0002) – Fine Young Spanish Labels…and much more!

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For episode #0002 of our JanglePopHub mix, the primary focus is on two young Spanish labels, Meritorio Records and Pretty Olivia Records.

The reason for this is twofold:

a)  I have purchased more music from these two labels than any others in the last 3-4 years. They are brilliant labels and if you do not love them already…you really should.

b)  The title ‘Fine Young Spanish labels’ is a play on words relating to the 80’s band Fine Young Cannibals. This has absolutely no relevance whatsoever but somehow tickled my need for wordsmith wizardry.

As such we showcase their rosters, featuring acts such as The Rainyard, Young Scum, Holy Tunics, Go Get Mum, Girlatones, Seablite, Sprinters, The Reds, Pinks and Purples, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, Dropkick, Monnone Alone, The Golden Rail, Capitol, Violet Hours, Stephen’s Shore, The Roves, El Palacio De Linares and The Primary 5.

Beyond this we feature new releases that we love from Trying, Fred Fredburguer, Sachet, Nah, Monteagle, Night Heron, Van Houten, The Harriets, The Sunchymes, The Crystal Furs, The Britany’s and The Woolen Men.

We also revisit old(er) favourites from Chubz Lord, The Basement Club, Monnone Alone, Tallies, Alvvays, Lost Ships, La Vida Padre and Beeef. These are included for no other reasons than they have caressed my aural pathways of late.

We hope you enjoy this two hours of jangly goodness. Remember to support labels and acts in any way you can at present. Music has the ability to both soften hard times and make sense of them, so lets try and keep its finest purveyors alive and well !!!

Mixcloud / YouTube playlists are below as well as links to each individual tracks for those with short attention spans…Enjoy !!!


Full playlist and individual links:

  1.     The Rainyard  –  Beneath The Skin  (1989 / 2014) (Pretty  Olivia Records)

  2.     Young Scum  –  Freak Out (2018) (Pretty Olivia Records)

  3.    Holy Tunics  –  Cardinal (2018) (Meritorio Records)

  4.    Go Get Mum  –  Moving Day (2020) (Meritorio Records)

  5.    Chubz Lord  –  1992 (2019) (Self released)

  6.    Girlatones  –  Can’t Complain (2020) (Meritorio Records)

  7.    Trying  –  This Is Not A Disco Pt.2 (2020)  (Self Released)

  8.    Fred Fredburguer  –  Colegas (2020) (New Adventures In Pop)

  9.    Sachet  –  Kaleidoscope Museum (2020) (Tenth Court)

  10.    Seablite  –  High Rise Mannequin (2020) (Meritorio Records)

  11.    Sprinters  –  Struck Gold (2019) (Meritorio Records)

  12.    Nah  –  Tumbledown Weekend (2020) (Sunday Records)

  13.    The Reds, Pinks and Purples  –  Citygardens (2020) (Pretty   Olivia Records)

  14.    The Reds, Pinks and Purples  –  Living on Sunday (2020)  (Pretty Olivia Records)

  15.    The Basement Club 26  –  Moonlight (2019) (Self released)

  16.    The Ashenden Papers  –  Companion To The Year (2020)   (Secret Center Records)

  17.    Monnone Alone  –  Cut Knuckle (2019) (Meritorio Records)

  18.    Tallies  –  Mother (2019) (Kanine Records)

  19.    Monteagle  –  Thankful (2020) (Fire Talk)

  20.    The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness  –  Nervous Man  (2019) (Pretty Olivia Records)

  21.    The Golden Rail  –  Holy Ghosts and Hades (2017) (Pretty   Olivia Records)

  22.   Night Heron  –  The Knowing (2020) (Subjangle)

  23.  Dropkick  –  Fed Up Thinking Of You (2018) (Pretty Olivia     Records)

  24. Van Houten  –  Better Than This (2020) (Come Play With Me)

  25.  Capitol  –  Weathered (2020) (Meritorio Records)

  26.  Violet Hours  –  Petrol Station Flowers (Pretty Olivia Records)

  27.   Alvvays  –  Atop a Cake (2013 (Self Released)

  28.   The Harriets  –  Cafe Disco (2020) (Self Released)

  29.  Lost Ships  –  Best Laid Plans (2019) (Subjangle)

  30.   La Vida Padre  –  For Lisa (2019) (Edita La Servidumbre)

  31.   Stephens’s Shore  –  Please Say (2018) (Meritorio Records)

  32.    The Roves  –  Everybody’s High (2019) (Meritorio Records)

  33.    The Sunchymes  –  She Waits For Your Smile (2020) (Self     released)

  34.    The Primary 5  –  Off Course (2017) (Pretty Olivia Records)

  35.    The Crystal Furs  –  Expo 67 (2020) (Subjangle)

  36.    El Palacio De Linares  –  Ciervo y Erizo  (2019) (Pretty Olivia     Records)

  37.   Beeef  –  Time For Beeef (2015) (Self Released)

  38.   The Britanys  –  Flowers and Greed (2020) (Self Released)

  39.   The Woolen Men  –  Alley Cat (2020) (Eggy Records)


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