EP Review – From Song to Song by Pool House (2020) (Self Released)

At my last aborted count, there were literally 736 acts on Bandcamp and a further 1273 on Spotify, who had happened upon the name, Pool House, to differentiate them.

This version is South-East Germany’s Johannes Dirnberger and is not only the best of the ‘Pool House Pals‘, but also typical of the very reason why all self respecting ‘jangle fans’ need to keep a less than furtive eye upon what is surfacing from world of bedroom-pop.

Dirnbergers’ primary musical tactic is to grab the listener early. As such these tracks imbue their introductions with the sort of chiming jangled riffs and dominant hooks that not only arouse the listeners attention with their beauty, but also manage to ‘buy’ the track the right to get just that little bit more experimental and inorganic in nature.

It’s a manner used so brilliantly by the likes of The BV’s and Alvvays, however, where these acts drift headlong into jangle-gaze and dream-pop inflections, Pool House adds driven programmed beats to the mix, but remains squarely on a natural course that cavorts with the textures of experimental/alt.pop, but always (and thankfully) returns to it’s jangled base foundation.

This is Dirnbergers debut EP and reveals his, as a young male’s bedroom, that is offering so much more than the usual man smells, two week old food remains and firmly closed doors !!!

Artist Links:  Bandcamp



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