Album Review – Ideal Corners by Candace (2020) (Little Cloud Records)

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Ideal Corners / Candace has that unique sense of enthralling beauty that is created via a whole host of ‘not quites’.

Not quite fluffy enough to prosper in the realms of traditional dream-pop sweetness and not quite squally enough to reside in definitive shoegaze, Candace test the parameters of both, whilst triumphantly claiming the space in between.

Primarily the album sees Incandesce, DM-100 (see above), Over, Reason and a Different Kind Of Buzz (see below) swirl haunting Mazzy Starr meets Ghostland era Sinead O’Connor vocals, to chiming jangled riffs that seem almost self centred against the overall background of melancholy and slight psyche laden textures that surround them. It’s a truly beautiful sound that percolates increasing levels of feminine strength as each track develops.

Candace are the perfect fit for those who can appreciate the parts of the sums in both dream-pop and Shoegaze, without really getting past either genre’s respective sense of fluffy and laborious. The fact that they cherry pick the best of both genre’s so expertly, makes this Portland based trio and their latest album, an essential listen.


Artist Links:  Twitter  Instagram  Facebook

Label links: Twitter  Instagram Facebook


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