Single Review – Sticks and Stones by LRIGWOC (Self released) (2020)


Los Angeles based LRIGWOC are something of an enigma to me. The promotional blurb they provided with the release states that their name is pronounced ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ (mmmmm, okay?) and that their aesthetic is ‘sparkly, cosmic goth, new wave’.

Thankfully Sticks and Stones (see below) reveals the description of their sound to be wildly askew. It is much better than that!

LRIGWOC · Sticks And Stones

Starting off with the sort of chiming, crystalline jangled riffs that the likes of Wake in June and Noble Trovador have recently excelled in, they then add the subtle GRMLN style fuzzy production and that perfectly cool, laconic droning vocals, that muddy’s the water in the most alluring of ways.

Perhaps their future work will be ‘cosmic goth new wave’ in style. Until then let’s just enjoy this brilliance.

Artist Links:  Soundcloud


  1. I dunno – “sparkly, cosmic goth, new wave” seems to be a pretty apt description to me. They sound like if instead of becoming New Order, the surviving members of Joy Division decided to cheer up and relocate to Athens, Georgia instead.


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