Beat The Delete #0063 (Weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all and thanks for joining us one more for our weekly new music recommendations.

It was a bit of quieter week than normal submissions wise presumably due to the fact that a lot of the western world are increasingly returning back to work with hankies on their faces…but that’s a good thing, right?

Once again, just a gentle reminder to support any of your favourite acts in anyway possible to you. Although, hopefully it will not be too long before they are treading the boards at your favourite indie club, your support will help breach that gap.


Even As We Speak

Track: Unknown From: Adelphi (album) Label:  Shelflife Records Out: Album out now 24.07.20

It has been 27 years since Sarah Records released Feral Pop Frenzy. This is the third single from Even As We Speak‘s sophomore and is the perfect vehicle for the sheer perfection of Mary Wyer’s voice…simply stunning.


The Shop Window

Track: Reflection From: Reflection (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Following on from April’s quite majestic jangly ‘Mannequin Lies’ classic, Maidstone’s The Shop Window are back with another that can be placed in the same category. Perhaps more ethereal than it’s predecessor, this single is no less beautiful.



Track: With Me From: With Me (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

This solo project of Birmingham’s (UK) Jess Webberley, sees her move away from the raucous sound she is more well known for and move towards something infinitely more beautiful. Jangly ambience at it’s most crucial.


Stevie Zita

Track: Freyja From: Freyja (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Never quite expansive enough to force genuine jangle-gaze comparisons and too solid for dream-pop’s sense of airy, Toronto’s Stevie Zita explores the space between both genre’s, with beautiful effect.


The Slow Painters

Track: Andy and the Androids From: What I Miss the Most / Andy & The Androids (single) Label:  Keepsecretrecords Out: Now

Twisting the parameters of noise/fuzz pop into all manner of leftfield melodic majesty, Oslo’s The Slow Painters, make jangled noise with one eye on the Husker Du aesthetic.



Track: Hollywood is to Blame From: Blissful Dissociation (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Occasional Slowdive textures and concomittant beauty that always knocks at the parameters of manic distorted noise. A wonderfully disparate aesthetic from the bedroom project of Pamplona, Spains, Julen Izkue


Carmen Mellino

Track: U’re So Pretty From: U’re So Pretty Label:  Self released Out: Now

Carmen Mellino is an 18 year old (now) Brighton based Parisian, who courses almost seductive grunge-isms through sweet, modern power-pop. Something a bit different on todays jangly landscape.


Pops Tuna

Track: Say What You Think From: Say What You Think (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Fuzz laced guitars and drone laden vocals layered against lucid spindly, jangled melodies. Certainly this weeks ‘coolest’ vibe.



Track: Addiction From: Addiction (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Somehow managing to make melodic ear-wrom out of the juxtaposition of early 60’s surf rock, Tame Impala inflections and drone…thankfully this act ignored the ‘well that’s not goona work’ e-mail !


Majak Door

Track: Everybody Wants You From: Evertbody Wants You (single) Label:  Off Tap Records Out: Now

Psyche laden surf rock with that typical Melbourne emphasis on jangled melodies.


Leon Ampersand

Track: I Used to be Cool From: I Used to be Cool (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Dreamy/Shoegaze amalgamation, that mourns becoming uncool as you get older in the most contradictory of cool, lo-fi bedroom pop ways! 



Track: Rosa From: Rosa (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

It is now two consecutive weeks that I have featured tracks with that slight bit of an indie-folk inflection.

However, far from drinking warm beer with maggots in, growing a folky unkempt beard and becoming Bob Dylan, one play of this single will reveal the beautiful incidental jangled riffs and alt rock ambience that the track genuinely thrives upon as it develops.


Wing Defence

Track: Relocate From: Friends (EP) Label:  Self released Out: EP out 03.07.20

Adelaide based duo take a pair of scissor to Courney Barnett‘s sense of Aussie laconic, leave it in perfect tatters and still remain cool !!!



Track: No Talk’s The Best Chat From: No Talk’s The Best Chat (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Glasgow based Kiwi, who mixes the slack stringed brilliant flatness of all things Dunedin to an altogether more pent up fuzz laden sound. The soft-loud dynamic has rarely worked since the grunnge laden 90’s…it does here and then some! 


Mourning Routine

Track: The Strangest Wave From: Hello From Earth (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Taking early Bright Eyes vocals and indie folk coolness to new levels of melodic jangle. Mourning Routine is the solo project of 19 year old Lucas Kamal who should not be allowed to be this good, at such a young age!


Melancholy Ray

Track: New Routine From: New Routine (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Leeds based five-piece who have taken that The Strokes guitar sound to en aextra level of melodic. One of the few, from the current massive The Strokes revival, that genuinely stand out.


Marcus Church

Track: Reading New Mutants, Listening to Metallica From: Reading New Mutants, Listening to Metallica (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Wonderful Lo-fi, melodic, fuzzed-up aesthetic, that insists upon layers of melody being able to just about fight their way through the various walls of noise.


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