Single Review – Avalon by Ruby Haunt (2020) (self released)

Usually I will see a track cited as lasting over 6 minutes and dismiss it firmly to my mind’s “cinematic, self indulgent epic nonsense pile”. It will then sit there forever more with vast amounts of other long since forgotten tunes.

This Avalon single makes me worry I may have missed so much wonderful music, as vocal textures that simply exude genuine human warmth course through an air of mystery melancholia. Everything exudes a gradually developing beauty that might not have been achievable if the track was infused with brevity.

Such beauty is undoubtedly augmented with Ruby Haunt‘s signature atmospheric, chiming jangle (if I am honest it is only this pedigree which snapped me out of my under 4/5 minutes stance !) that is the primary factor in creating such a warm vibrant ambience.

Avalon (video below) is the first single from the forthcoming Tiebreaker album (out on 29 July 2020) and justifies just about every follow button you can find being pressed, to make sure you do not miss it !

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