Album Review – Poland by Bones Garage (2020) (ATH Records)


ATH Records have a habit of picking up those bands that add a little bit of the left field and a lot of the muscular to their melodies. If you like, they specialize in showcasing the alt (jangle) rock sound.

Their latest find is Israelian act Bones Garage, who tick just about every box of the above description and test the parameters of the sound in all manner of further directions.

Initially, the album starts off, with what will now be called ‘muscular dream-pop’ (well, of you let me get away with ‘alt (jangle) rock I am goint to continue to test your indulgence!). Too pretty for shoegaze, too carefully cluttered for genuine dream-pop, opener Sarah is joined by Flood, to perfectly populate the space between the two genres with layers of atmospheric melodies.

However Poland merely hovers at that sound, as Bones Garage are plainly connossieurs of the left field end of the jangle spectrum and seem intent to wear as many of these influences on their sleeve, in a release that never remains static.

As such they course layers of melodic ‘not quite’ garage fuzz rock, into the brilliantly floaty lead single Impossible Distance (see above) and course differing variants of chiming jangle in Brownian Motion and Fairy Tale respectively, before going all manner of Primo! style ‘properly obtuse’ in Insensitivity (see below).

Of course the cliché of throwing enough mud at a wall and hoping some of sticks, could be levelled at an album that visits so many different styles. Thankfully all the mud sticks in album completely devoid of filler.

Artist Links:  Facebook

Label links:  Bandcampaustintownhall.comFacebookTwitterSoundCloud





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