Beat The Delete #0065 (weekly new music recommendations).


Hello everyone and thanks for checking in to this weeks new music recommendations blog.

With 22 tracks featured, it’s a bit of a bumper edition, including everything ranging from jangly twee-pop to gloriously grumbling, fuzzy, noise. Hopefully, all of you should find something to provide you with aural pleasure.

Please give any of these acts that you like (and indeed, just music in general) any support that you are able to give. A few shekels from those who still have money in these pandemic times (!!!) and/or lots of social media love, can go a long way to keeping our favourites / future favourite acts around.

Take care everyone and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


Sweater Boy

Track: Need to Need You  From: Need To Need You (single) Label:  Sea Records Out: Now

Nashville is probably better known for country music and line-dancing. However, this is proper anglophile indie-pop that drifts softly towards jangly twee…an ear-worm of note and this weeks track of the week, from the solo project of  Dave Moran.


The Illness

Track: Descending G (feat Steve West)  From: Descending G (feat Steve West) (single) Label:  Sea Records Out: Now

The Illness are a ‘Sea Records supergroup’ of sorts, featuring personnel from members of Ambulance / Wolf Solent / Broken Arm / Alisia Casper…this is Nick Cave meets the jangly end of The Silver Jews sound and provides all the atmosphere that that description promises.



Track: I’ll Never Change  From: I’ll Never Change (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

“Emo Daft Punk? Like LCD Soundsystem recording for 80s indie label Sarah Records?”…is the absolutely perfect description of this sound provided in their promo blurb. I would also add that there is that laconic, vocal warmth of Walter Etc….A truly lovely track.



Track: Bun E. Carlos From: Catastrophic Entertainment (album) Label:  Wizards and Potions Records Out: Now

Perfectly scrappy power-pop that moves towards the vibrancy of early 2000s American pop-punk, but ultimately remains to melodic. All the elements of this San Francisco act have been heard numerous times before…just not as superbly amalgamated as this.


Dave Lepage

Track: To The Ocean From: To The Ocean (single) Label:  Self released Records Out: Now

Dave Lepage is another San Franciscan gracing this weeks recommendations. All manner of surfy, fuzz-pop layers are welded in a purposely failed bid to prevent any type of ear-worm melody filtering through. Listen to this once, hum it forever! 


Melt Citizen

Track: Hex Valeria From: Dullard (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Lo-fi garage rock that grumbles with themost sinister of melodic intent. Solo project of a  El Paso man, Mike Peregrino.


Frances and The Majesties

Track: Three Dogs From: Three Dogs (single) Label: Slimer Records  Out: Now

More growling, grumbling, layers of fuzz rock that just about lets the jangly melodies to simmer through. It’s two minutes of all manner of enthralling and reminds me massively of The Gowlers vibe.


Rebecka Reinhard

Track: No Release  From: Whale (EP) Label:  Crowds and Power Recordings Out: EP Release date TBA

This London based Swede, courses fragile fluttered jangled riffs through ethereal vocals, in a sound that is as beautiful and sweet as contempo pop can be, but ultimately contains that essential ‘bite’ as the track develops.

Rebecka Reinhard · No Release


Home Counties

Track: Dad Bod  From: Redevelopment (EP) Label: Alcopop! Records Out: EP Release date TBA

‘Dad Bod’ provides just enough anti-melodies to make you feel like it might just about break out into The Knacks‘ ‘My Sharona’ at any point, but is ultimately stifled in everything that will appeal to fans of left field jangle.

Picked up by the ever-brilliant Alcopop! label, this could well be something of a break out for them.



Track: Hooked From: The Wakes (album) Label:  Gigantic Noise Records Out: Now

Equal parts The Church style post-punk / chiming jangle and all manner of 90’s fuzz laden pop, Koalra‘s soon to be released ‘The Wakes’ album is certainly likely to justify all manner of ‘follow button presses’.


Television Blonde

Track: (You Were My) Nightmare On Elm Street From: Horror Films (EP) Label:  Don’t Guitar Records Out: EP release date TBA

2nd single from the other project of Floral Sounds man Gabe Beckles. This project is clearly used to get the inner-fuzz out of his system…although he cannot completely subdue his melodic intent which makes for a perfect under-current of slightly pretty!


Double Vanity

Track: Double Vanity  From: Double Vanity (single) Label:  Psychic Hysteria Out: Now

…and now for something truly original as Melbourne’s Double Vanity thread Tbe Cure style post-punk jangle through a fabric that is all manner of ‘Dunedin dulcet’.

Lovin’ this first flyer single from their forthcoming album out of Psychic Hysteria


Mr E Bear 

Track: Perfect Design From: Perfect Design (single) Label: Self released Out: Now

For those of you that enjoy the jangly, chiming, Scottish indie-pop sound of Ballboy or Neil Milton…welcome to your new best musical friend!


Charlie Duda

Track: I Don’t Mind  From: Making Friends (EP) Label:  Self released Out: EP Release date TBA

Beach Fossils chiming jangle and not quite dream-pop-isms, is the perfect default mode for this single from this quite brilliant EP.


Speckled Bird

Track: Going Alone  From: Speckled Bird (EP)  Label:  Single Lock Records Out: Now

Teenage Fanclub power-pop meets mid era laconic, jangly Miracle Legion. In current times when jangle-pop is infused with all manner of obtuse, it is great to hear it done properly ‘old school’.

Single Lock Records · Speckled Bird- “Going Alone”


Alex Munro

Track: Hannah Love  From: Hannah Love (single) Label: Self released Out: Now

Lovey era Lemonheads with just that extra bit of 90’s power-pop thrown into the mix. A throwback to everything that was good in the mid 90’s guitar pop scene.


Archie’s Dead

Track: Cursed  From: Cursed (single) Label: Self released Out: Now

Dinosaur Jr fuzzy guitar intent, mixed with obvious jangle-gaze inflections. It’s a sound that is hugely popular today, but not every act creates the brilliance of these aural soundcapes.


Nature Walks

Track: Sky Walks From: Sky Walks (single) Label: Self released Out: Now

Imagine David Bowie doing gaze-laden, jangly dream-pop and you are just about in the right, glorious ball park, for the sound of this Washington based duo’s first release since 2014.


Tiny Castle

Track: Black Dove  From: Perspectives (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Like a particularly jangly The National, Brisbane foursome, Tiny Castle, paint beautiful jangled riffs upon bombastic, stadium filler, indie rock.



Track: Here  From: Revert (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Residing somehwere between the causal lo-fi cool of Snail Mail / Soccer Mommy and the dreamier sound of earliest Poppongene, Tallulah creates her own kind of sensuous beauty.


Chappaqua Wrestling

Track: Football  From: Football (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Dirty, jangly, lo-fi, fuzzy and so much more. This Manchester based act makes a glorious noise that comes at you from every angle and completely defies their duo status.


Holy Dances

Track: To Have  From: To Have (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Bouncy, chiming, Real Estate style jangle juxtaposed with a slight dream-pop vibe. Glorious Foliage style summer music.

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