Album Review – Lotus Eaters by Phosphene (2020) (self released)

Phosphene are a San Francisco based three piece comprising of Rachel Frankel (guitar/vocals), Matt Hemmerich (drums), and Kevin Kaw (bass), who had fallen out of my ‘old man memory’ somewhat since their brilliant self titled debut album was released in 2014.

Thankfully some long lost ‘follow button’ press has alerted me to this superb full length sophomore…And essentially / immediately, it is just that. The best of the album sees Spiral (see below), Seven Ways and Carousel course the slightest of spacious gaze inflection through lucid, chiming jangled riffs that have ability to startle with a crystalline beauty that is adroitly accentuated by The Sundays like quality of Rachel Frankel‘s dulcet vocals.

The remainder of the album sees the band add tempo and that little of bite to the sound, with tracks such as Incinerate, The Body, Cocoon and the superlative Incandescent Flumes (see below), adding occasional suggestions of fuzz, stronger basslines and the subdued jangled riffs that typified so much of the Triple J sound of the mid 90’s and courses through modern acts like The Beths / House Deposit / The Stroppies.

I am so glad they are back…so glad I pressed that follow button all those years ago!

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