EP Review – Making Friends by Charlie Duda (2020) (Self Released)


Charlie Duda is 30 year old multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, whose produces a sound that has restored, my hitherto dwindling faith, in the whole ‘bedroom-pop’ thing.

This debut EP, sees him simultaneously marry the sort of chiming, chunky, jangled riffs that have that ‘just right’ amount of spacious between each note, with a laconic, beautifully melodic power-pop that contains a warmth that ensures one foot remains in genuine guitar pop territory.

With a vocal delivery that is described in his promotional material as ‘suave’, there is just that indeed that slight sense of easy, disinterested slacker-pop, that adds a sense of cool to any music.

Although I am a late to this particular party as the EP was released in late May 2020, just about every possible follow button has been pressed to make sure that does not happen again!

Artist Links:  Spotify  Twitter

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