Beat The Delete #0066 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello everyone – thanks for logging in to our latest Beat The Delete…another bumper edition with 22 tracks that have tickled my vestibules this week.

Remember to give any of these acts that you like as much social media love as your data package will allow and for the rich sorts with unlimited data, perhaps buy their music!

Keep safe and look after your loved ones…imagine the party we will all have when this pandemic thing is over (Taht;s of ‘my’ South African government will allow us to buy the currently bannded alcohol again !!!)


Fantasy Postcards

Track: Our Special Memories  From: Our Special Memories (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Fans of the Bob Wratten / the Trembling Blue Stars sound are going to be all over this beautiful, swirling indie-pop aesthetic from Sweden…purely stunning and very Sarah Records.


Jaguar Sun

Track: Keep Your Warm  From: Keep You Warm (single) Label:  Born Loser Records Out: Now

The latest in a whole host of digital singles that the in form Born Loser Records have released. All distance and pretty surrealism, Jaguar Sun (Chris Minielly) courses fluttering jangle through every imaginable musical pore.



Track: Blogger  From: These People (album) Label:  Puzzled Aardvark Out: Now

Glasgow indie-pop / power-pop act, imbuing the sort of sardonic lyrics that could rip the heart out of any amateur blogger…luckily I am too professional to be offended and just revel in their ‘all sorts of jangly’! 


Baby Combat

Track: Hana Was A Wrestler  From: Hana Was Wrestler (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Latest project of ex-Shelves man Noel Yeo, provides chiming, laconic jangle that develops all manner of chunky melodies throughout it’s epic 5+ minutes.


Pete Yorn

Track: Jeanine  From: Jeanine (single) Label:  Shelley Music Out: Now

Stunning guitar-pop in the genuine latter era Roddy Frame sense of the sound. This Californian has such a naturally beautiful texture to his voice that it is hard to be anything other than truly compelled.


Afor Gashum

Track: Tel Aviv  From: With Hidden Noise (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

This Israelian threesome imbues everything that is perfect about the melodic shoegaze and sweetness of Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall and with just that extra added bit of grumble in their shoegaze. 


Fascinations Grand Chorus

Track: Wherever You Go  From: Wherever You Go (single) Label:  Silent Stereo Records Out: Now

Recommended to me by the ever astute Sandra Zettpunkt of the Golden Glades radio show, this New Jersey duo are all early 60’s pop melodies, layered around that ever culturally prominent sense of twee.


Mangled Grapes (ft Ken Stringfellow)

Track: Was It Really You?  From: Was It Really You (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Mangled Grapes is the solo project of Patrick Frey. This track presents the relentless thrum of The Posies style power-pop, gathered on a foundation of R.E.M style jangle at their fluttering and earliest best.  Vocals by Ken Stringfellow of The Posies.



Track: Home Is Where Friends Are  From: Home Is Where Friends Are (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Californians marry grumbling, fuzzy-laden melodies to the sweetest of disinterested Soccer Mommy vocals. Brilliant video too.



Track: Kids on my Corner  From: Juniper (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

60’s bubblegum pop with that slightest essence of punk-pop that adds attitude and credence to the jangly prettiness. At 15 year’s old, Juniper Shelley simply oozes potential.



Track: Everything  From: Middleneck (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

The promo notes cited ‘chill hop’, which would normally be enough for me to run to the hills shouting a definitive ‘no’! …However, this NY based lo-fi act infuses subtle beats with beautiful spindly, atmospheric jangled riffs, that could accompany anyone’s perfect alone moments.


The Sylvia Platters

Track: Invisible Ink From: Invisible Ink (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

90’s power pop, meets the fragile jangly Scottish-pop sensibilities of Aztec Camera. It’s as pretty, as it is compelling, from this Vancouver based four-piece.


Moscow Apartment

Track: New Girl From: Better Daughter (EP) Label:  Hidden Pony Records Out: Now

Able to effortlessly slide between jangly indie-pop and slight fuzz inflections, this teenage Canadian duo have a lo-fi sense of cool that belies their tender years.


Marsha Marsha Marsha

Track: I Like You From: I Like You (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

I received this through Submithub from an artist plainly content to remain emigmatic, with no social media presence or bio. However, with these bouncing, dry twang melodies, it would be a shame if she remained a secret for too long!



Track: 夜を待てば From: シーン (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

I am not sure what the title track or EP title means, although reliable rumour has it that it is something about the chap from Janglepophub being extremely handsome? …either way this is smooth jangly, sophisti/indie pop, in that inimitable sweet laconic way that the Japanese imbue so effortlessly.



Track: Mornin’ From: Daydreamin’ (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 01.10.20

Californian who is based in Estonia, Jeremy Macachor slides psyche inflections through and around all manner of dulcet jangled riffs. Really looking forward to this album !


Joshua Ackley

Track: Breaking Through From: Breaking Through (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Describing himself as indie rock but ultimately being far better than that, Ackley provides the perfect level of lo-fi subdued and mystical jangled riffs, to encourage those quiet moments of introspection.



Track: By and By From: By and By (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

60s Beach Boys sunshine melodies that have a tendency to drift off into the better parts of psyche-rock. Music made for those warmest of lazy days.


Jon Connell

Track: Jesus Didn’t Live in a Church  From: By Jesus Didn’t Live in a Church (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Imagine if the whole Kurt Cobain and his Unplugged leanings finally gave into all things late 80’s anglophile indie-pop…add a slight fuzz inflection and you are just about in the right ball park of this Vietnam based solo act! 


Chris Wills

Track: Carry You Home (Ft. Doe Paoro)  From: Carry You Home (Ft. Doe Paoro) (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Imagine early era Bright Eyes having one eye on lo-fi acoustics and the other on grandiose stadium filler and you have stumbled upon the quite brilliant aesthetic of Chris Wills…indie-pop at it’s most original.


Blurred Mirror

Track: I Thought There Was No End  From: I Thought There Was No End (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

For fans of the washed  out, chunky jangled riffs of Castlebeat, this Amsterdam act provides all manner sof imilar beauty and that sense of curious distance.


Hot Jam Factory

Track: 20 20  From: 20 20 (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Surf Curse style surf rock, with that extra sense of lazy that allows every note to ooze lucid jangle and a laconic sense of slacker in equal measures.

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