EP Review – We All Deserve A Chance – The Yellow Melodies (2020) (Old Bad Habits)

If you have any semblance of love for ‘jangly twee’, then the chances are that Rafa Skam (and the various acts he has appeared in) and The Yellow Melodies have already tickled your ‘twee bone’ at some point over the last two decades.

Thankfully, they have never been quite as relevant as they are right now, with 2017’s Life album (out of The Beautiful Music label) and the sheer exuberance of this years, self released, ‘Sunshine Pop EP’, receiving the critical acclaim of the be-cardiganed twee elite and so many more.

They are already back. This time releasing through the Athens based Old Bad Habits label, who I make about the 9th or 10th to offer the act much deserved patronage over the years and naturally the release excels.

Initially, the title track (see below), takes us on a journey on the back of a gregarious 80s pop rock riff that acts as a backbone upon which all manner of programmed beats and lusicious euro-pop synths are added. With Skam adding his inimitably concise, twee-pop vocal deliberation, this feels like  Pet Shop Boys taking a slight bite out of the jangly indie-pop apple.

Silhouette In Blue then offers the slight crunchy guitar sound that typified the best of Life and takes the band as close to rock as the act will ever dare, while Once Upon A Time, juxtaposes genuine The Byrds style lucid jangle and the perfectly disparate intrusion of strings, to twee affectations that Skam’s vocal delivery naturally imparts upon the aesthetic.

With three brilliant tracks, this gorgeous slice of vinyl will not stay away from your decks for too long! Pick  it up at the Old Bad Habits labels’ Bancamp page below.

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